Started Cimzia yesterday

I've been waiting for what seems like an eternity to start Cimzia - various delays and cancellations for one reason and another but third time lucky, the Healthcare at Home nurse arrived yesterday (and very lovely she was too). Although I'm used to injecting methotrexate, I had read a few things about Cimzia that had made me a little anxious. I did the two loading injections of Cimzia myself in my thigh and abdomen and am pleased to report no pain, no discomfort or burning, no swelling around the injection site and, touch wood, no side effects so far. Feeling relieved and hope to be feeling a lot better soon. Have a good weekend everyone, the sun is shining here!

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  • Phew! Marvellous ! Side effects ,yes they are there, but I think quality of life is just as important too, and the risk of RA causing other side effects for me is just as bad too?

    Hope it works very very quickly for you . Xxxx

  • Well done - hope it starts to have a positive effect soon x

  • Good luck with the Cimzia I'm on it too and it's been fab :) .... Claire

  • Hello


    Well done, all from now on will go like dream


  • Thank you all for your encouraging comments, I'm really glad this drug is helping you all although am not expecting miracles! The ongoing tendonitis in my right foot feels a bit better today, daren't hope it could be working already ..?!

  • good for you , hope it works for you , I am waiting to start cimzia so interested to see how you get on x

  • I will keep you posted Julie (I'm Julie too in spite of my nickname!). Hope you don't have to wait too long! It took 3 months from the consultant agreeing to put me on Cimzia for all the necessary tests to be done, meds ordered and the nurse to come. I didn't mind the wait too much as had been given a kenalog injection at xmas which worked well for several weeks and I actually wanted the steroid to wear off before starting the Cimzia so that I could judge its effective (or not as the case may be). Good luck.

  • hi Julie , I have got to get my DAS score done again next week and if it's still high , ( still feeling the same so I assume it won't have changed ) hopefully they will agree to it , had all the blood work etc done already so I hope they get on with it ! wishing you the best of luck with it , we need our lives back don't we ? keep in touch xx

  • Keep at it! CIMZIA has enabled me to get my life back. Managing 2 hour walks again now, can go swimming and do most daily tasks as before RA. I always think a few side effects are a very small price to pay to get back a life.

  • Hi'a

    I've been on Cimzia for about 6 months now, not quite as great as it was. Still better than Humira... I've never had any issues with soreness, redness or swelling my husband injects it in my abdomen. Sometimes I feel like it falls short of its 2 week duties, sometimes mid way through I'm lifeless, fatigue and swollen sore joints def present themselves.

  • Thanks all, it's useful to know all your experiences and if it doesn't work that if this drug fails, there are still other options to try. It took nearly 4 years on DMARDs before the consultant agreed to put me on anti-TNFs. The extent of this disease varies so much from one person to another - for me personally the constant low energy levels are worse to deal with than the joint pains. Best wishes to you all!

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