Alarms set -back to work tomorrow

Well I've had a month off now. I'm back to work in the morning. Alarm is set for 5:30. Sigh. A little scared as I feel better that work will bring me down and ill feel ill again. My GP suggests i do a phased return which i mentioned to the acting nurse manager, who really didn't seem interested. So i think I've a ten hour shift. Pn the bright side. Cimzia seems to be working for me which I'm pleased About

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  • Good luck

  • Thats not morning , thats the middle of the blxxxy night !!!

    Good luck, hope it flies by x

    Anne x

  • Good luck and take it slowly.

    Lin x

  • Good luck.

    Andrea x

  • Hope it goes well for you my darling,will be thinking of you this morning. Tuesday of next week i will be over there at your hospital as i am due my cimzia,if your at work i will look you up. I also have to pop in to the sleep clinic while i'm there to see what they are doing with me as i haven't heard from them.

    Now you take it easy at work and sit when you can and rest as much as you can as sylvi.xxxx

  • Good luck hope all goes well love Karen x

  • I really hope today goes well for you take care Michelle xxx

  • Good luck and hope it all goes well, been there so know how you feel. Take it easy and try to to a rest every now and then, I know easier said than done. We are thinking of you.

  • Hi Rarah - if you work in the NHS have you been to Occupational Health to discuss phrased return? I have found them to be helpful in enlisting support. If you have an acting Nurse Manager rather than an established Manager they may not always be aware of the employment obligations and checking with OH can help both of you establish guidelines. Good luck.

  • Hi Rarah I was of a while last year and when I went back I had a new manager and the erostering rota, I was so nervus, but so glad I went through occy health and did a phased return, but be careful as the wards want you back to normal hours asap but you need to take it easy and build it up, been on your feet for 10 - 12 hours may take it out of you. Hope not and everything goes great, take care xx

  • Good luck for today, Hope everything is ok for you, just take it steady. Rie xx

  • Hi .we now have fit notes and not sick notes.if your gp has recommended phased return on your fit note you must go via occ. health and hr as both departments and manager need to a rule of thumb in nhs you usually start at 75%,50%, 25% support until week 4where you can use your own annual leave to support you .

    As a nurse manager I would take advice regarding long shifts and perhaps reduce hours for a period of time,or change shifts to shorter shifts to give the extra support.if you have a ra diagnosis you automatically come under the equality act .

    You need to state what you need and if reasonable adjustments are required then your manager should help to support you with it.this is not uncommon and staff need support all of the time so don't be afraid to ask !

    Good luck and take care x

  • I survived my first day back. Our regular nurse manager is off so one of my fellow sisters us acting up. Our trust has a policy that if we need phased return we use our annual leave from day 1. So I have half day today and tomorrow that's my phase. I had advice from OH pre this episode my regular manager chose to take no action on their advice and made it clear that I have to work full time (plus extra if clinic runs over) or find another job. Such compassion.

  • I think that is incorrect legally?? a phased return doctors note means the hours that you arent at work during phased return as classified as sick leave?? most NHs trusts opeate one months sick per years service?? also ?

  • I've been here for 12 years so get a healthy pay while unable to work for up to 6 months. I am going back to OH for more advice so watch this space. I will also raise this at the planned meeting with HR.

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