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Knee probs

I have OA as well as RA. I have had 2 surgeries on my r. knee following an injury 4-5 years ago. The last one was 2 years ago when I had a chondroplasty, microfracturing and the ligament at the side of my knee was stabilsed.

The last couple of weeks its has gotten more painful than usual and clicks when I walk but the strangest thing is the sensation I am's like an icy coldness in and around my knee cap, sometimes feel like water trickling, is this the OA or RA causing that? has anyone else experienced this sensation? I'm seeing my GP and rheumy nurse on Thursday and will ask but just interested if it is common

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I've had quite a few knee problems, and an op on right one, but I get hot burning not cold ice! And lots of my joints have been clicking for years. But do ask GP as may be that something's blocking a nerve & completely unconnected with RA if you've had injuries before. Good luck. Polly


Hi I'm so glad someone has posted this sort of question, I often get a feeling of something ice cold either touching or running down my legs (I've always put it down to sensitivity or nerves).

I always forget to ask consultant about it, so I'd be very interested what your GP or nurse has to say.

Beth x


Will let you know what he says Beth x


Cheers, I'll look forward to hearing what they say. x


I asked Gp he said it could be the pred or the RA, so I asked one of our consultants (I'm an ortho nurse) he wasn't sure but he has a friend who is a rheumy so he's going to sus it out and get back to me, will let you know when he tells me, but I'm on holiday for a week so won,t be until I see him


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