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Shall I have a knee replacement?


I had a lot of pain in my knee, eventually had an X-ray which showed I have bone on bone due to cartilage removal 15 years ago and a piece of bone has broken off and is floating just below the knee cap. But since then No Pain! I have a date for the knee replacement in 3 weeks but can’t decide whether to go ahead. My family think I should because I had severe pain these last 6 months. Is it possible for my knee to be better?

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Well can it be any worse than you are now darling. I would go for

Birdbox in reply to sylvi

Thanks for your message.

Please go for the operation, I’ve been in pain since last September with my knee finally had op booked for May this year but had it cancelled by the hospital because I’m anaemic, still waiting because now they want to sort out the RA first and I’m still slightly anaemic🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️so I say go for it good luck and keep us posted 👍x

I wouldn't think it will get better by itself. That loose bit of floating bone has probably just tucked itself away temporarily somewhere it can't cause pain. Sorry but I think in your position I would go ahead. Hugs


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You were so right. On Saturday I went shopping and my knee suddenly gave way. I could hardly walk to the car. I managed to drive home and by then my knee was swollen to twice its size. I can feel something moving under the knee cap! It’s horrible! Operation is 11 days away. So glad I didn’t cancel. Thanks for the good advice!

Gnarli in reply to Birdbox

There are times when I wish I wasn't right and this is one of them. I'm so glad you didn't cancel and wish you all the best. Please let us know how you get on. Hugs


I think I would go ahead, you never know this might be temporary relief, and if you turn down the op, I presume you would be put to the bottom of the waiting list if then you decided you did need it after all. The docs must be of the opinion that you need it otherwise they wouldn't have offered it to you. Good luck with it.

Birdbox in reply to Rubyroo1

Thanks. I think I’m probably just scared!

Gnarli in reply to Birdbox

I reckon you'd be a bit weird if you weren't scared. I'd be quivering a bit too. Hugs

Rubyroo1 in reply to Birdbox

Not surprising, its a big thing to have to go through.x

I don’t know what I would do in your situation but from my mothers experience she was against having the op for a couple of years and then when it got really bad and she wanted the op she couldn’t have it due to other health issues...

I went years wouldn’t have it done but ended up having it done as I could hardly walk.

That was June 2017 so glad I did go for it 👍

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Thanks for the reassurance. My op is booked for 1/11/18. I am going to go ahead. I have realised how deformed my leg is when I compared it to the left leg.

I had total replacement 2014, much better than pain before it and can use leg well including kneeling but getting back up needs thinking about - use it asap after operation and keep moving it

Good news the only thing I haven’t done yet is get down on my knees but I will. All the best 😀😀

I've had both knees replaced and both operations were a positive experience. I'd say life-changing actually, to be free of the grinding pain every day and actually walk normally - wish I'd had them done sooner. Pain relief is managed really well post surgery nowadays so suffering is minimal. It's absolutely vital that you follow the physic's advice and I found that things improved significantly 6 days, 6 weeks and 6 months post-operatively. Good luck X

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Did you do both knees at same time? Im 65 and have put it off a long time as I’m “ getting by”. My fear is I can still ride my horse, and I would b devastated if something went wrong and I couldn’t after surgery. But on other hand, I hear people say a lot they wish they would have dont it sooner,Im just afraid I think.

MissMinto in reply to Hidden

Hi Hoski,

It's a tricky one to call...I was only too glad to get them done (separately, almost a year apart) as I really wasn't getting by, in fact I used to say "if I were a horse someone would shoot me because I'm lame"!

If you're getting by and the pain isn't intolerable then perhaps wait, but I don't know how long it might take to get 'in the system' and to the top of the list where you live.

The only other thing I would say is that I have developed a (perhaps irrational) fear of falling over and damaging the new joints...I'd be terrified if I fell off a horse!

I think it all boils down to how much pain you can stand.

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Thankyou so much for your helpful answer. My pain is much less than it was last year, so guess that is my answer for now at least. Thanks again!

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