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Last week i had a knee arthroscopy and removal of the lining to help with the inflamation in my knee. I had no complications, and doc only had to remove a small amount of lining. 3 days ago i had to go walk in as my dressing was full of blood, good job i went, one of my incisions had opened and was bleeding, nurse put new striristrips on and dressings.. My swelling has gone down can walk ok, but just certain movements are very painfull, and feel like i have to click my knee to straighten it. Before op doc said i couldnt drive for up to 6 weeks. But i feel i wont have to wait that long....Iam seeing doc this morning iam going to ask him if could drive sooner.. (also has anyone had a VERY BAD sore throat after op!!! with the tube down your throat, god i felt worse with that i think... Could anyone share their experience, on how long recovery was for them...Its been 9 days now...

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Good Morning Gallini,

I've had quite a few knee arthroscopies & I've often had a sore throat which has eased gradually after gargoling with corysodol. Recovery time varied up to 6 weeks pending on the work done. My car insurance would not allow me to drive before the 6 weeks. It might be worth checking with your insurance company if you do get the go ahead from Doc.. Also do follow the exercise plan you were given! Hope you get better very soon & reap the benefits from the op.

Love Aligator xx


I'm trying to remember, and I think the worst of it was over In about 3 days. After that I was roughly ok, although a few movements were slow and stiff. I probably would have been ok to drive, but i didn't feel confident that i could stamp on the brakes quickly enough so i did leave it for a while. And yes, like Aligator says, follow the exercise plan...pollyx


Can you tell me a bit more about this op.? I have just been referred to an orthopedic surgeon in view to possible knee surgery but have never heard of this before. I have had knee problems since first developing R.A. about 5 years ago and although my disease is better controlled at the moment my knees still give me loads of problems. thanks Zeen.


Hi there, it really depends what's wrong with your knees, and whether they just need a bit of repair , or something more major. Arthroscopy is just where they peek into one of your joints and just fix a bit of it - whether repairing a bit of cartilage, or reshaping a bit of bone that's been damaged, or getting rid of some of the lining if it's too inflamed. So for my knee they just made 2 tiny holes (amazingly small!) and fixed it up with what I presume must have been teeny, tiny tools. Polly


I had my right knee reusrfaced 3 years a go due to OA & the bones rubbing on each other. It certainly helped the pain but it does still get painful due to the inflamation from inflammatory arithtis.

However my left knee is now very swollen & painful to walk on, I've had fluid removed & a steroid injection into it but I do think I am heading for an arthroscopy to see what's going on! :(


Thankyou, this does sound less drastic than a knee replacement which I find quite scary. Will just have to wait and see what is suggested! Zeen.


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