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As you know I have been asking a few questions about RA and was not sure 100% if I had it but as of today it was confirmed. I received a call this morning to come in this afternoon to see the specialist . I was introduced to a new Doctor who will be now treating me for he only specializes in RA. He took the time to explain everything, very thorough and compassionate. He has now started me on Prednisone Methotrexate and Folic Acid . He told me if i did not feel a bit better by the end of next week to call him. He said that the Prednisone is a quick fix to settle the flare but he said because my levels are so high he may have to increase the doses. He also stated that he wants to start cortisone shots next month in my knees ..( i will think about that one ....little chicken of that ). Finally i can begin the long journey in life to fine some comfort and understand i will have good days and bad days. Most important looks like i have a good doctor who is there for me and to help me get on the right track. Thank you everyone who has helped me through my rants and ranges and question since joining this site. It really helped me get through the days of wondering if i had RA or was i going crazy. So lucky to have such a wonderful site and supportive people who understand what we are all going through so thanks again everyone, Amanda

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  • Yeah! So glad u hot an answer ... In a wY. Hope steroids act as quickly for you as they do me xxx

  • Hiya Amanda & thank you for thanking those who've contributed lol!! Well, at least you know for sure now & can face it up front & having a Rheumy who takes time to explain & understands makes a world of difference. I'm sure you feel very fortunate to have been referred to another one so quickly after your last experience & to have a good one is a bonus. The not knowing can be so much harder but now there's a plan you'll be able to cope a little better I hope.

    I've had monthly courses of steroids in the past when flaring & they should certainly help & I don't think you're chicken about injections, it's natural to be apprehensive but really no big thing really considering the comfort they bring & remember they know what they're doing & done it all before.... lots! I had one 5 weeks ago in my palm to release trigger finger & it helped within 2 days but some people find it acts quicker. It can also depend if it's a long lasting one which takes longer to have an effect or quick fix which tends to relieve the pain more quickly. I won't lie, it was uncomfortable but they usually add an anaesthetic in the cortisone & it was definitely worth doing after 3 months of not having full use of my hand. Hopefully both oral & injections will cover you whilst your MTX starts working & you'll start to feel a little more like you. x

  • thanks nomoreheels once again....yes it is not been fun I can tell you that ...I guess my family doctor gone on the phone once she saw the second round of blood work and how much it had gone up ...and the fact that I don't go to the doctor unless I really have to ...just so happy to be on a path that someday I hope to feel a bit better at least...still chicken about the needle had once in my knee when I was in my 20s and I can still remember how it sent me through the roof....hope your shot last you long and you do not have to have another one and time soon are a lot braver then I ....

  • Sounds as though your GP recognises you're not one to rush to the doctors & picked up on the need for treatment quickly.

    I'm pleased other members are sharing their experiences of steroid injections & hope it helps to allay your concerns. Try to concentrate on the relief it'll give & not your past experience & as Kikideelili says perhaps it was someone not used to giving them who did it last time. It's like those who don't normally take bloods, if they don't do it regularly they're generally rubbish at it!

    I'm sort of wishing mine doesn't last long as she did say it was quite a bad case having been left so long (my now retired GP didn't think it was TF & she questioned his conclusion) & said a little op may be necessary. I'd rather get it fixed once & for all!!!

  • Glad you found a good doctor and some answers. Good luck with your treatment xx

  • Welcome to the club at least now you know what's going on in your body. It's natural to be apprehensive about your knee injections, perhaps before it wasn't a rheumy who injected you? Because rheumys are so used to doing them they are really good at them and the knee is such a large joint, much simpler to inject than a finger. Anyway let's not dwell, like heels says the disco fort is small for the benefit you will feel. I've had times where I've begged for joint injections. So pleased too you have a good doctors! He sounds fabulous. Remember we are here for you. Kikideelili x

  • hello! just a quick word re the knee injections, i had one a few months ago and wanted to reassure you - i am a terrible worrier, and VERY sensitive to pain but when it came to the injection, all i felt was about 5 seconds of pain and then the anaesthetic kicked in and i felt nothing! it was all over in less than half a minute. so don't worry, the nurses/doctors who administer them are so well trained and the anaesthetic makes a huge difference - and it was SO well worth it, i could walk again! as nomoreheels said, it is very natural to be anxious, esp if you have had a bad experience, but take it from one who dreaded having it done, it was fine!! x

  • The first time I had injections into my joints it was so wonderful that I wanted to dance across the road instead of creeping painfully. Go for it!

  • Wednesday 8th Oct there will be a pilot of a new programme called "New2RA" in our offices in Maidenhead in Berkshire. It may be just what you need at this stage of your journey with RA. If you would like more information about attending this pilot session contact

  • Hello Amanda- I am so sorry that you were diagnosed with RA, but happy that you now know you are NOT crazy in all your symptoms. I too went through the same thing... thinking I was crazy perhaps since none of the doctors I went to were finding out what was wrong with me. Long story short... I was mis-diagnosed for a long time. I was on Plaqunil for a year starting in April 2013 until just four weeks ago was put on injectable MTX. I had taken my fourth shot last Sunday and then last Friday developed shingles for the first time in my life. I now have to stop taking the MTX injections for nearly three months to get this cleared as well as give my immune system a chance to build back up. Discouraging since I was excited to see if the MTX was going to work for me. I will just try again. :)

    Hoping the MTX will get you back to feeling better soon. I was told it could take up to 3-4 months to know. Guess I will see once I can start again. I am currently on prednisone as well and it does really help. So stay on it if you can to help you out with the pain.

    Big hugs, Lois

  • It's a relief to get an answer, isn't it. Even though RA is horrid, one needs to know one's enemy. One even needs to make friends with it. So glad you have a good consultant looking after you. I do too , and am aware of how lucky I am in that respect. Jo

  • thanks again everyone for the kind words and how each one of you have faced the daily battle of RA...I really appreciate the feed back on the cortisone however I just had knee surgery July 8th to repair a broken knee cap and a torn lateral meniscus so I am a little nervous of sticking anything in there for it is still extremely sore and the RA is not helping ...but I will think about it till I see the RA doctor in 4 weeks...I am sure hoping the prednisone works quickly for I can no longer make a fist and can barely walk at all .( I hope so to ( allanah)...Clare thank you for this info however I live in Ontario Canada so I would not be able to attend that but when I am in a better state I will then look for something like that in my area....oldertimer, dillie, kikideelili, nomoreheels....I am glad to hear the cortisone helped you all with the pain for this is one terrible thing to have to suffer with that said everyone have a fantastic weekend and look forward to reading more post and the support from all....corsav7 and jora thank you also for your kind words

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