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Thank you!


Morning all. I hope you're all as well as can be expected. I was so grateful to all of you who wished my h luck for his heart op. I hope you don't mind me responding using the main site for my reply but I'm sure you will understand I'm concentrating on him just at the mo so pretty time poor to thank each of you individually.

It all went swimmingly I'm pleased to report. He's now off assisted breathing & though he's still in CITU this morning he sounds pretty drugged up nodding off between sentences. Hopefully he will be considered stable enough to be transferred to the high care cardio ward sometime today to start his recovery.

If all is well after today I will be able to respond to each of your kind messages. So for now a great big thank you to you all for your kind words of support. xxx

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That's really good news, it must be such a stressful time for you.Wishing your husband a successful recovery and you take good care of yourself too.Sending love and support xx

I've not been here recently nmh so please add my best wishes to those already received. Good to hear your h is getting good care and doing so well. Don't forget to look after yourself too x x

Heels, I had no idea your husband was having a heart op. Very remiss of me to have missed that. But delight it went well .

Please don't bother to respond




Hi NMH - I knew he was having it sometime soon but must have missed a post where you told us all this - you just mentioned it in the middle of my post I think which is how I knew. So delighted that it went well - of course you will want to focus on him for now! Hope his recovery continues and he goes from strength to strength from now on health wise. How relieved you must be! X

Ps and as Paula says don't forget to look after yourself too.


glad to hear that he is doing well,

Best wishes

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

So pleased things went well. M x


glad to hear that it went well.

That is fab news :)

No individual response required here as your energies right now must go to you are yours.

Take care


So glad that it's behind you both now --- xx

Great news. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Angela x


So glad he is doing well, wishing him a speedy recovery x

Good news , now both of you get well soon xxxxxx

Glad H's op went well. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Glad it went well and best wishes for a speedy recovery

So pleased to read all went well. X

Hi NMH. I'm really pleased all went well with the op. Now ,you must look after yourself as well. He's going to need you when he comes home so make sure you're still ok when he returns. x

Thank you, every one of you! Well, enhanced recovery certainly works. The plan is that my h is expected to be discharged on Thursday as long as his Surgeon is happy with his progression. That will be just 3.5 to 4 days, dependant on whether it's am or pm, after a heart bypass. Remarkably he's walking without much effort & in very little pain, in fact his pre-existing back pain is his biggest niggle! He was terribly sick the evening & the following morning after his op but that wasn't unexpected as he's sensitive to strong pain relief (op anaesthetic plus IV morphine & fentanyl patch post op) but thanks to the antiemetic that is now controlled. His new best friend is a rolled up towel, which he hugs when he has to cough after using the volumetric exerciser to strengthen his lung function. He was talking with his Anaesthetist yesterday & was amazed to learn that most of the time in theatre is due to pre & post op as the time for each artery replacement only takes 15-20 minutes, so only 80 minutes max for the actual procedure, remarkable!

Looking forward to having a new husband now. No doubt we'll have crossed words as he will have to put up with me driving him about for the first 4 weeks or so til he's given the ok to take the reigns again but that's something I'll just have to be patient with lol!

Thank you all again for your kind words, especially as it's not RD related! But it does go to show what a wonderful support network we all have here. Again, I hope you're all as well as you can be, I'll be back soon, oh I can hear the groans from here!!

Much love xxx

That's great news hun, hope your hubby has a speedy recovery. Take care xx


Just read about your h, hope he is feeling a lot better and you are coping with his care. x

Hope things are going OK and you can conserve some energy for his return home. Farm

So pleased your husband's bypass has been successful. Look after yourself too, he is going to need a lot of TLC which I'm sure you will be giving in bucket loads. Gentle hugs and good wishes winging there way to you.

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