Hello properly, Thank you, and probably Goodbye!

I just want to say Hello as I haven't introduced myself yet, although I have commented on some posts. I was diagnosed with RA about 18mths and have been going through the usual drugs to find what I can tolerate and what might work. (That's a long story which I won't share just now).

I also wanted say thanks to you all for your honesty in sharing the bad times and the good and for all your encouragement of one another. I have been so blessed reading all of these posts.

But now i have to say goodbye! This morning when i thought i was seeing the nurse, i ended up talking to my rheumatologist (who i rate very highly) and the upshot of the conversation is that i probably don't have RA atall but Fibromyalgia (which is a very strange beast but seems to fit my symptoms better). There is still some possible inflammation in my wrists so that will be investigated with an MRI, so he hasn't discharged me all together. But he also didn't think he should give me steroids which i was expecting to have as a next step after having bad side effects from all the other drugs.

So i am in a state of shock, feeling that i have been sent away to manage the pain and fatigue i am experiencing on my own. ( referred me back to the GP with recomendation to refer me to the pain management clinic.

I do hope there is a forum like this one which gives me some hope and encouragement out there.

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Do hope you find another good forum. Interesting that they are using MRI to detect inflammation....we were having a discussion about different types of scans very recently...I find it all rather confusing...

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Hiya, you've been through the mill unfortunately but do you get swollen joints? I ask this because fibromyalgia doesn't cause any swelling anywhere, there's a lot of people on this site who have RA and Fibromyalgia together, lol, loads of us.

There is a great site if it does turn out as fms and not RA,

Take care and I hope you find the answers to your sufferings.


I am really sorry to hear that you have been treated with toxic drugs that have not been right for your condition. I am really afraid that many are in the same boat since diagnosing the right AI disease in the beginning isn't all together straight forward. I would really be happy with your new diagnosis. There are alternative treatments, nontoxic that have proven to be quite effective, LDN is perhaps the most potent for FM. Lots of information and I wish you better luck this time:)


We do have a fibro site here so don't feel you have to leave because you don't have ra. Best if luck with whatever decision you make.xxxx


I am very sorry to know that you have been taking the drugs for so long and being told now you might not have RA? Do take good care whatever it may be.


Rheumatologists treat a range of conditions. There are about 200 different forms of arthritis, RA and fibromyalgia included, and a rheumatologist is supposed to treat all of them.

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I would suggest that you stay on this site as well, just in case there is another turn of events or additional symptoms. My rheumatologist tried to change my RA diagnosis to fibro and I absolutely knew he was wrong. Almost a year after that, my ANA is now 1:640.


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