hello everyone

just finally plucked up the courage to join although I have been reading posts for a few weeks now.

I was diagnosed with RA just over a year ago. it all started with pain in my right ankle leading to me not being able to move without severe pain as it progressed to my knees hands and shoulders. gp ran lots of tests over period of 3 months also visited a&e sent me home diagnosing sprained ankle. Anyway daughter took me to private consultant and finally diagnosed with RA. I cried both with relief and fear. I then had a diagnoses but also I had never heard of this illness. I now have a fantastic Rheumy consultant and Rheumy nurse. I found this site by accident and im so glad I did. unbeknown to you all you have helped me through some dark times. thank you all . talk soon

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  • hello t you too this site will help y a lot I was same it took me a while t pluck up courage to post but every body's great and very help full take care

  • Welcome! I was the same as you, a bit scared to "join in", but it does really help to get support. RA is nasty, but once you're on the right medication (and finding the right mix can sometimes take a while), things get better. Hope you have a good day! S. x

  • Totally agree with what the others say. I think you can learn so much from other people wth the same condition. One way or another someone somewhere in the group will have experienced what you want to know about and have the answer you need - it's not just good advice though it's knowing someone else knows just how you feel :)

  • Welcome girlmode. It is a mixed blessing when you receive diagnosis after toing & froing for a while, things not seeming to get any better. I was more fortunate & guess presented typical symptoms which meant my GP was on it straight away & I received a speedy referral to diagnosis but I know that's not always the case. I'm pleased to hear you have a good team taking care of you, that can make a big difference & hopefully being here will help too, sharing experiences & recognising others have been there makes you feel less alone, knowing others are going through similar problems & get how it is. Happy to have you on board now you've posted & hope you enjoy being here if not the reason for joining! :)

  • Hi and welcome to the site. I am sure that like the rest of us you will get great comfort, good advice and a shoulder to cry on when you need it. We are all in the same boat and it actually helps to know that you are not alone. Best wishes x

  • Hello Girlmode, welcome in the fold. We all have similar stories to tell and a lot of people have found this site very helpful. So well done for coming on board. I hope you can carry on in this positive spirit and get on top RA. I've been living with it for six years now and with positivity and patience, I've learned to be the boss over RA. I'll join a six week course next week "Expert Patient Program". I am sure I will be able to learn a lot more on how to deal with long term pain and ups and downs. Maybe I can even contribute something positive. All the very best and stick around!

  • Welcome! Like everyone has said, this is a wonderful site! It's so nice to have a place to come where everyone understands what you are going through. And no question that you need to ask is considered irrelevant. I have learned so much from everyone since I've joined. And you will find the folks on here to be kind, helpful, funny, and friendly.

  • Hi Girlmode and a very warm welcome to the site.There are a lot of people on here with a vast amount of knowledge so it can be very helpful and you know you are not alone.I have had this horrid RA for 13 years i dont post much but i read most days good luck and hope things get better for you

  • thank you had a horrible day today feeling low and struggling to understand this RA so many downs and not enough ups but hopefully as I get wiser to self management the ups will increase . all your welcomes really lifted me it is so reassuring to be able to talk with people who understand .

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