Thank you

I would just like to say a massive thank you to you all on here. After reading so many of the blogs on here, I have learnt so much about RA and how to handle it, so many of you are so positive and you have helped me to realise it really isn't the end of the world.

From what I have read from you all, it is about pacing myself and realising that trying to do it all like I used to is just plain daft because it just messess me up for the next day.

You have made me also realise that I am not on my own and I feel like I have made lots of new friends and because we all have RA in common you will know how I feel. I feel so much less isolated and for that, thank you all so much x

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  • Hi Karen. This is fantastic. I too have learnt so much from this site and the NRAS site.

    I was only diagnosed last October but feel I have come so far since then and mainly thanks to what I learned on here It is good isn't it. You are amongst friends and like minded people, unfortunately brought together by RA but this is such a positive.

    So glad it has been helpful to you.

    Take care

    Julie xx

  • Thank you Julie x

  • Hi Karen,

    I too felt like that instantly after finding this site and even more so after blogging and chatting to many off the ladies and gents.

    So glad you also found this site.

    Take care and use this site as support but dont forget you also need support from friends family and your gp.

    Julie x

  • Thank you Julie x

  • I havent learnt loads and

    met and chatted to some great people it is a great support site

    Summer aka Alison

  • Hi Karen

    So pleased that you have found this site helpful and informative :) It's a great place for support and, as you have found, a family of people sharing similar experiences. The NRAS forum is also packed full of information coupled with friendly people.

    Have you ever thought of going to a local NRAS group? I think your nearest group will be Bolton. Lovely people there too :) I live in the North West too, near Blackpool!

    Thank you for 'the thanks' :) Look forward to getting to know you :)

    Lyn x

  • Hi Karen, I know exactly how you feel on that one. I've had RA seventeen years and in all that time never talked abut it much to anyone, since finding this site in February have done nothing else but talk!

    The main thing is though just like you it's made me realise that I'm not alone after all, and by talking about my feelings towards RA as certainly been a positive move. So glad it's helped you too.

    Mandy xx

  • It's probably the best thing I ever did too. After 4 years of suffering in almost complete silence and feeling so lonely, I am at last able to talk freely, ask questions, get sensible, helpful answers and advice and read others' accounts of living and managing RA. Oh and I finally feel sort of 'normal'!

    Jo xx

  • Hi Karen

    ditto to all above…I'm a long (ish) timer, well 12 years. However until recently have coped alone, feeling often as though no-one understands!

    I have also learnt (lots) & shared on this great site too :) Love the positiveness, it does make a huge difference.

    Steph ;)

  • Hi Karen

    Its so great to feel connected to others in the same boat as us. We are all different as you will get to see but are universally joined by our struggle to live positively with RA. Actually I am quite an addict now of HU my husband has been complaining that he is a HU widow !!! But I feel alot better for understanding that my daily struggles are the same as others and also for picking up tips and advice regarding how to cope.

    best wishes to you

    Fiona xxx

  • Ditto to all of the above - its a great site full of great people. Like so many others I plodded on feeling lonely, abnormal & that my questions, fear etc weren't important> Everyone has been so supportive, friendly & welcoming so I too echo your Thank You.


  • Thanks everybody

    For your lovely replies


  • Hi Karen

    You'll never be on your own. I've cried buckets some nights over my RA, and get a reply in a few minutes. Andrea xx

  • Hi Karen,

    I feel the same, its hard to meet people who completely understand what we are going thru or have been thru. I wish I had something like this in the early days, when I was so confused. I even bought 'Arthritis for Dummies' No one seems to truly understand what its like to have to take scary meds and be afraid to hope you might be OK. Can you trust doctors? who to believe?.

    I am glad we are all helping each other on here. Mostly, we are just ordinary people with no particular expertise other than a shared inflammatory condition, that does'nt get treated in a standard way, which is right because we are all at different stages and have a different experience.


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