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Healthcare at Home saga


Well... I've just spent the past two days waiting for an urgent Enbrel delivery that hasn't shown up each time. This was scheduled for delivery last Tuesday. I've been promised return calls all of last week that haven't been made. I've raised an official complaint. I've contacted a manager repeatedly. I've emailed and phoned an uncountable number of times. I still have no medication. They tell me that HaH have resolved their recent issues? Don't make me laugh.

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Hi Roy which Email address are you using?

They usually respond fairly quickly to

If you know the name of the manager you could try emailing them directly?

Oh I really understand your frustration , I had all this last week phone calls queues , poor you! NRAS are doing there best for us expressing our annoyance etc and trying to resolve all the issues - hopefully it will get sorted soon , but in the meantime thinking of you . Claire

roy_batty in reply to claireyj

Thanks Claire. I'm making a complaint, but to be perfectly honest it's been exhausting chasing them up. I know they've had problems, and I've no desire to give the staff a hard time, but I mean, this is a farce.

Thanks for the reply patientsfriend. Hahenquiries have failed to respond too often to count since last Tuesday. I got the personal email of one customer service provider, and kept emailing him directly. No reponse. I began putting return requests on all messages. They came back marked 'read' but not responded to. I am always extremely polite in my correspondence. I marked the subject 'this is an official complaint' in uppercase. Hey presto - reply saying passed on to a manager and expect a call. No call. Email manager, subject 'complaint'. Comes back marked 'read'. No response. Call again. Email again expressing disbelief that they can read the thing, acknowledge it and still not call. Email on the hour, every hour. Hey presto - response, but still no meds. I am assured that they are now on the case, and expect a call before 8pm.

roy_batty in reply to roy_batty

This has been going on since last Tuesday. The same thing happened last month. And the month before...

Wow that is terrible!

Once they have sorted out this delivery see if they can get the next delivery arranged too?

It sounds like they don't actually know where the meds are?

Still at the depot, apparently, and safely refridgerated. They've just somehow missed putting them on the van for eight days in a row. I'm due eight weeks supply, so I'll at least have a reprieve, before they mess up next time. Thanks for your concern.

Well, at least they phoned me back this time. Have been promised a slot tomorrow. Another day at home then. I would add that I never give anyone an ear bashing, and would never be abusive. Lawd knows though, I'm not a stoic.I can't be expected to wait at home for eight - no nine now - days? They've assured me they have raised an internal enquiry, and will offer me every assistance in taking my complaint forward. Just hope it shows up, before I'm in as much pain as last time it was a week late...

Glad to hear that they are finally responding.

It sounds like they are still struggling with the increased demand of the extra Medco patients?

Just a thought to save you waiting at home ...I've just had a delivery set up with HaH and they deliver to my doctors surgery for me and I pick it up from them. They are a dispensing surgery and I'm not sure if this makes a difference as they have fridges etc. but it does mean I don't have to wait in for it. Rx


I am the same as Rosie- if they cannot give me a time slot then I have it delivered to my local pharmacy and then collect at my leisure. I did ask them before hand it was not a problem. Good luck


I believe they will also deliver to a pharmacy, if the pharmacy are happy to store it for you.

I can't thank you enough. I'm new to this forum and I've been extremely touched by the sensitivity and empathy of everyone who has replied. I've been overwhelmed, actually. 10.30pm - some guy in an arran jumper arrives - four Enbrel pens in unmarked box, ie. half what I've been prescribed. Half my meds, sez I. I sign for them anyway - deal with that tomorrow. I suggest he probably gets it in the neck regular. Not so, says he - everyone's been lovely. Must have been serious mix up to have to call him. Paperwork handled shabby-style. And thousands of pounds worth of meds. Sorry for vernacular. I'm tired, and forced to watch Del and Rodney earlier.

I live in Cambridgeshire, for goodness sake (I'm making a point here - not inviting criticism). Burton on Trent (where the depot is) is two and a half hours drive away. The AA reckons it's 117 miles from my home. I don't live in the highlands of Scotland. I'm not located at a postal box in the Cairngorms. My address is not off the beaten track. My town is 100 miles north of London, and accessible by every national highway. I am wondering why, after so much anxiety, some stranger bangs on my door at 10.30pm. After days of trouble...

hello again Roy, I have had same treatment from HaH with regards to my Cimzia, last delivery was 5th Feb, and nothing for 2 months, like they dropped off the face of the earth, I began to think this company had shut down. I was in so much pain and could not walk, so at 8 a.m. sent an e-mail, saying that as they had not responded to my last ones, and all the pain, I was thinking about taking an overdose. Guess what? at 15 mins past eight, and at least half hour before I expected them to be open, I received a phone call apologising and they got my Cimzia to me that same day!!! Mind heres hoping I will still receive my next lot. Keep smiling Kind regards bluetit33

I'm used to a sealed Enbrel box too, scouser. The paperwork's a bit dodgy too. I'd have paid more attention if I hadn't been so tired and surprised. The system must make it very difficult to keep track of, and wide open to abuse. These things are expensive.

HAH have Depots all over the country, so not sure why they would deliver it from their head offices?

Glad to hear you have got it though Only 4 weeks supply though?

It's probably worth chasing them up now though (not that you should have too) to get the remaining 4 or next lot of 8

This is disgraceful. I had a delivery at 11.30pm once. At least you have some, but I would also be concerned about them being in an unmarked box. Forward your formal complaint to the CEO - his name is on the HAH website under 'about us'. They've messed you about for too long now. Good luck!

roy_batty in reply to dcj14

Thank you dcj. Your response does mean a lot to me. I intend to take this company to task over these failures. It comes at such a cost of time and energy though, doesn't it? I am indomitable, as long as I'm sitting down. Kindest regards

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