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Sciensus App/Healthcare at Home

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Is anyone having problems with the Sciensus app? Does anyone have a contact number for them?

I received a text message asking me to confirm my delivery but the app isn't working and the phone number i rang, got a busy tone and then the line went dead.

P.S. the photo is because I dream of being somewhere tropical right now.

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Sorry to hear you are having issues. Have you tried calling their Helpline on 0333 103 9499?

Thank you. I'll try this number.

Weirdly they usually text me when next delivery due. I heard nothing so emailed. I was told they're waiting for prescription. I've actually since decided to come off Imraldi as the side effects are just not worth the marginal benefit. I'm also not convinced medicine is going to be delivered to be honest. Appointments keep getting cancelled too. In the mean time I've just stuck myself on a ketogenic diet and am hoping for the best! I'm not advocating anyone does the same.

Hope you get through OK.

Someone from their digital app team rang and seemed surprised i was having issues as the app is very reliable apparently.

Another person has rang from another department to sort out my bin and collect the used needles. Let's hope it happens 🙏

That's good to hear. To be fair I think the issue was more to do with prescription not being sent to them. They've always been pretty reliable. Take care.

Yes. Same problems by the sound of it

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