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Weekend in Ghent!

We've just had a long weekend in Ghent prior to my knee replacement next Monday.

We had a great time & the weather wasn't too bad although the Friday was very cold, so cold in fact that I got a rash on my legs from the cold! I don't think I've had that happen for many years!

We stayed in a 18thc B&B very near the city centre so were able to walk there. It was a lovely old house but a bit cold at times! We had a room in the attic on the 3rd floor so the poor knees were challenged!

I was worried how I'd be as I take MTX on Wednesday usually I feel rough for the following 4 days. However this week I'm glad to say I had very little side effects so was able to enjoy our break & even drink some local beer!

I may need my knee replacing (already had one done!) but was still able to walk everywhere with the help of a stick & pain relief! :)

Well I thought I might as well make sure I get my money's worth of needing a new knee!!

I'm not looking forward to the surgery or being out of action for so long. Having had one done already I know what to expect but think the recovery may be longer as my RA is more active than it was 5 years a go when the other knee was done, also my back & heel are very sore due to compensating for the bad knee.

Watching that I dont' gain too much weight with boredom is going to be hard too!

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Glad you had a lovely time, never been there myself. Sounds like you'd recommend it. Well done for walking around so well.

All the best for your surgery and a quick recovery x


So glad you had a great weekend and I hope it all goes well next week for you. Xx


Hi Pauline, so glad you had a great weekend and a lovely thing to do before your op. Really good luck with the op next week, we will all be thinking of you.

We won't let you get too bored either, come on here and tell us your funny hospital stories, or if there aren't any, make them up!!!

I'm around a lot for next few weeks too as I finally gave up on work yesterday and went sick, so I expect we will be chatting about our doodles again very soon. Only 10 days to go til I see my consultant now, yay.

Take care and let us know how you're getting on. Rx


Good luck with your op, so hope all goes well for you. Well done you for having a weekend away. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery xx


Good luck, let us know how you get on


Thinking of you, keep us informed on how you get on.....good luck. Anne x


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