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I have news on my knee. I have sought a second opinion as i wasn't happy with how i was treated at my regular hospital. Saw a specialist from coventry who also does private consultations. Took all the paperwork that i had from my hospital. He went through everything and examined my knee. Looked at me standing up and fiddled with it and made it sore afterwards. He was lovely.

The upshot is that there things that can be done. He wants xrays of my leg from top to bottom and a bone scan. He thinks that a replacement will be possible. Theres a 7 out of 10 that it would work and 3 out of 10 it will be worse. Its a chance we are going to take as i am fed up not being able to get about. He is setting the tests up at coventry and we'll see what happens after that.

My husband is pleased with the result. I don't know how i feel. Its been so long of nobody believing me i can't get my head round the fact that i might be able to walk properly for the first time in three years.

He is putting me on the list for a replacement on the nhs. Don't know how long it will be,but at least something is being done. I don't think my gp will be very happy,but its not his knee that is wrong. I dread going back to see him,but i know i will because as a rule he is a good doctor.

Well my friends thats me done. Hope each and every one of you are al in better spirits and painfree.


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  • Hi Sylvi, glad to hear the news about your knee. At long last, something will be done. I have many friends who have had knees done and they are all delighted particularly being free of pain and able to get about. A friend of mine's sister had both done at the same time! And she is back playing golf. Can't be bad. Go for it my friend - hope you don't have to wait too long.

    Love LavendarLady x

  • Was this the knee that has already been replaced but didn't work Sylvi? I thought this was the case and if so they are going to re-operate and replace the knee a second time is this what you mean? I think as long as you know the risks you will make the right decision for you. Why should you put up with less than that when it could be so much better for you? People have all sorts done on the NHS still that aren't as important as basic mobility so if you want it go for it and tell your GP what you just told us re it's not him that can't get about because of a dodgy knee?! Sometimes GPs need stern handling and reminding that they might be in same situation one day and then how what would they want to do about it? TTx

  • This is the knee that was replaced nearly three years ago and hasn't been right since,then i had then had ligament stitched back 18mths ago. Yet the surgeon said if he opened me up i would walk with a stiiff straight leg. That was what i didn't want. I think my gp was having a bad day when we went. It seems that i knew i had knocked knees so that was why it didn't work as well as it should.

    I've got to have the tests done first and we'll see where we go from there. If he will replace it i will go for it. I only ever wanted to be able to walk,


  • Great news Sylvi, a whole new option to consider!

  • Yes thank goodness,but i feel i should be elated,but for some reason i'm not. I don't know how i feel to be honest.My husband is pleased as he has said all along it was wrong. I think i'm so worn out with the infection i've had and i'm not over it yet to be elated that some one has actually listened to me and understood what i'm saying and they believe me,when no one has until now. Also i think he can see there's something wrong.

    I'm vey worn out tonight, i ache in both hands tonight and am so tired.

    You take care. sylvi. xx

  • Hey Sylvi don't be too downhearted please - it's been a horrible situation to be in for you but being believed is half the battle and you've achieved that now at last - so now maybe you should just settle for a bit of relief rather than elation?

    I can understand that it's been horrible feeling not believed for you all this time and I think if it were me I would be feeling the same way as you - more resigned than delighted. But now at least you can recover your old sparkle slowly but surely as you recover from the infection - and know that there's a fair chance that you'll be able to walk again.

    I think your GP sounds a tad negative and harsh in his outlook if he can't show some more compassion for someone in your situation. Perhaps when you feel a bit stronger you'll feel up to looking him in the eyes and politely giving him a piece of your mind re not believing you and making you feel it was somehow your fault for having expectations of something better than your received? Take care and I hope you sleep well for once. TTx

  • I can imagine that if you're worn out with the infection then it's hard to get excited about having an op done for the second time - but hopefully it'll grow on you! Having a really good possibility of being more mobile after will be brilliant for you. I too have a friend who had both knees done at the same time and she's moving around like a youngster again and is really pleased. Imagine not having the pain as well! And well done for perservering to get a second opinion, no matter how much you like your GP you do have to put yourself first. Px

  • Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I have only just got out of bed and its 7.25am. This is only the second time in three weeks that i've slept all night in bed. My hubby sleeps better as well when i'm in bed all night.

    Regarding my knee,i'm still trying to take it in, i'm afraid that if i wake up and find i've just been dreaming. Its been so long since i've been banging on about my knee,i can't believe its true that something can be done.

    Also the consultant says theres no reason why i can't drive. My doctor said that i couldn't while i've got all that swelling, who do your believe after all this time. I'm not sure if i've got the confidence to get behind the wheel again. Thats something i'm not going to worry about until the knee is sorted out. I've got enough to worry about getting myself sorted out before i start to think about driving. This knee has destroyed my confidence so much,that i'm frightened to open my mouth in case i upset someone. Thats something i never worried about before. I'm frightened just to face my gp and tell him what has gone on,thats how bad it has got. Hopefully now when i get sorted out i can start to plan how to move forward. I will worry about that later.


  • Don't be frightened of your GP Sylvi - if you are there's something really wrong. Mind you I get quite jumpy about mine too. He insinuated to one of my friends that she was coming on to him - shortly after her hubby had died - when she asked him a polite question about the weather and enquiries if he was going in holiday somewhere nice. She was gutted and never saw him again not surprisingly! Now I never make chit chat with him any more and much prefer to see the lovely part time woman doc, who is more like chatting to a friend. But the man knows more about RA so I guess he's best for me. Scary when these people start playing such a big role in our lives and we depend on them so much isn't it?

    Delighted you slept so well anyway!


  • A lot of these doctors have so much power they have forgotten the people they care for. I do know there are a lot out there who are very caring and put the patient first. My gp up until has been the best in my practise.

    I have a future now which i didn't have yesterday. I know that sounds daft,but that is how i feel. I can't say i'm over the moon,its just relieve more than anything. I think when i have got sorted and i'm on the road to recovery i will contact the hospital and put in a complaint and voice my concerns about how i was treated.

    Already i am sounding better,my cousin said as much last night when i spoke to her. She was pleased for me as is everyone else who i have spoken to.

    I still have a long way to go before i can say its all over. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't believe how much it has weighed on my mind,it has made me worse than i should have been.


  • That is good news Sylvi.You must feel very relieved to have finally got the second opinion.

    What a start to the New Year for

  • Thank you. For the first time in a long time there is hope.


  • Hi

    Brilliant news on the knee and as you say you've now got hope for the future.I think your GP was wrong to dismiss you but as you say they are only human.

    Here's looking forward to a great 2012!

    Julie xx

  • Thank goodness for 2nd opinions x

  • Her.xxar Hea

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