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Morphine and other painkillers

I am now on 20mg of Morphine, 12 hour slow release for about a month and I am in so much pain. I was taken off co-codamol due to high level fatty liver, which has now come down to 92 reading. does anyone take the above and painkillers as the morphine doesn't touch the pain I forgot to mention I take Naproxen 1 in the morning, if I take more I get pains in my stomach. I have RA for 20 years and a prolapse disc and surgery is a possibility. I

have an MRI on Sunday. The surgeon will decide then if I need to have surgery. In the meantime, I am in a lot of pain and working full time. Not a physical job, but still hard to get through the day. I went to see my GP 2 weeks ago he increased the dose from 5mg to 20mg. Does it take a long time for the morphine to take effect?

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Hi there, I am sometimes given morphine when my pain is extreme. I don't take the slow release ones (although I have had them) I prefer the ones that work immediately...they work for me, although I have been told that my nausea could be done to them...I find the immediate release ones help my pain more than slow release but as you are on them for a continuous month maybe slow release is better...worth talking to your doctor's a bloody awful pain and I'm sorry you are to you doctor honey...take care...Maryx


Thank you Mary, I called my GP clinic and spoke with the Duty Doctor. She increased increased the dosage. I have to wait until monday as the meds have to be ordered. Fingers crossed it will make a difference. Take care, Suex


hi i am on the 20mg slow release patches too and find they do nothing ..i am still having to eat co-codamol like sweets...nothing seems to touch my pain..the docs are running out of options..i have just had to accept that living in constant pain is my life now....very rarely leave the house..just hope thay find the right meds oneday x


Thank you, Kizzy12 I hope they do find the right meds one day. I was better c when I was on Co-codamol but they had to stop that med as it was the cause of me having a fatty liver. Hence why I am now taking Morphine.



I take 10mg slow release in addition to cocods during flares only. I find that during a flare ( had one last wkend), cocods don't touch the pain. With the slow release in addition I get relief.

However I rarely take morphine, as the last time I took it prior to last weekend was about 7 months ago. I use it sparingly to avoid the steroid injection & to lesson my body getting use to it.

Personally I think it is an easy drug to tolerate, hence it's easy to creep up in doseage. Thus you need a higher dose to quell the pain.

Joanne x


I haven't had any relief as yet and I am unable to take co-codamol anymore. This flare up has lasted the longest, but it isn't just the RA it is also the pain from a prolapse disc. Having a second MRI tomorrow and the surgeon will decide if I need to have surgery. Sue x


Sounds nasty. Good luck with mri

Hoping you get some psin relief soon

J x


Thank you, my back pain is a lot worse since the surgeon tried to manipulate my spine so I a pretty sure he will say to operate. I had previous to my last appt with the surgeon 2 epidurals and I was starting to feel much better.

Sue x


Keeping my fingers & toes crossed for you hunny x


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