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Just had a phone call from my Rheumy nurse, I have been having an awful lot of shoulder pain it seems to just go from one shoulder to the other all the time, I have been taking paracetamol and cocodamol (which really bungs me up !) and 3 weeks ago changed from oral MXT to the injections 15mg, but my nurse has said it will take about 6 weeks for the injections to kick in, I thought that it wouldn't make any difference changing from oral to injections, guess I was wrong, anyway all she could suggest was to take more painkillers!!!!

Now feeling even more fed up, cant sleep properly and cry at the slightest thing.

Sorry, just had my moan,

Hope everyone is pain free and enjoying the spring weather,

Wendy xx

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I feel your pain - it's frustrating isn't it!

I've heard that taking lots of Vit C can help with constipation as the body can't cope with the excess & so gets rid of it.


oh gosh can you take any steroids or anti inflammatory pain killers


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Hi summer, no I cant take any anti inflam pain killers, doctor wont let me !

Wendy its no fun is it,especially when your restricted to what drugs you can take. All i can do is send you one of my

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Thank you Sylvie xx

sorry to hear you are in pain, but cocodamal has paracetamol in it. Check with your GP i dont think you should take both at the same time.


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IT was my GP who told me to take both.


Of all the pain I've experienced with RA - shoulders was the worst. I really sympathise. Why won't your doctor let you take anti-inflammatories and how about a short high dose of Prednisolone to tide you over until the injectable MTX works? It defo worked faster than six weeks for me - not sure how it couldn't as its the sane drug working more efficiently? X

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Hi Tilda that is what I thought about MTX, I cant take anti inflammatories because of a lot of stomach trouble, but I am going to see my gp on Thursday so I will ask about Prednisolone. My rheumy nurse seems to think shoulder pain is OA and not RA !!!!

I will let you know what happens,

Thank you xx


I think shoulder pain is probably quite common with both RA and OA but I'm wondering about your rheumy nurse I admit?! It was definitely RA with me because it came and caused mayhem from side to side at around the time that my wrists and knuckles and fingers were all taking turns to play fracture - OA doesn't do that! Tilda xx


PS a few weeks on high dose of Prednisolone got on top of my shoulder pain and I've never suffered it since - my GP said that proved it was inflammatory.

Hi there have you tried all bran taste disgusting. But you will find it works. To go on a bit !! ! being bug up i'm quite an expert !!!!!! It really works for me xx

Hi Wendy so sorry you are feeling so down ...I'm sure the injections will kick on soon..Re loo probs my mum often suffers and uses fibre gel an over the counter medicine maybe that will work ..thinking of you Claire x

Hi Wendy, I take Fentanyl which unfortunately bungs one up. I eat three semi soft figs A day (Tesco's are a good price) and this usually returns the problem to normal. Doesn't hsve any crazy adverse opposite effect.


Hi Wendy

I think alot of the pain killers we take have the side affect of constipation. Recently I was given a short course of zomorph a morphine based pain killer (slow release), that too had the side affect of constipation. I've got from the gp in this latest round of drugs lactulose for constipation and its really helped me. I've been taking pain killers (cocods 30/500mg), regularly for the last 6wks first in preparation in starting a new biological and now because I've got a viral infection 12 days now.

I've dropped a dress size because of the lactulose, just goes to show how "bunged up" we can become!

Joanne x

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