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Has anyone been prescribed Nefopam for pain relief? It was mentioned in a tv programme as an alternative to opioids. I am currently on 20mg twice a day of slow release morphine for joint pain caused by my RA plus chronic lower back pain with right SI joint involvement. Long and the short of it is that I don’t feel that the morphine is working for me any more, I could take double the dose and it wouldn’t make any difference!! I just wondered if anyone had any experience of this drug?

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I think someone else mentioned it recently. Does it come up in search?

NanaFifi in reply to Hidden

Ah, haven’t tried search . . .

Amy65 in reply to NanaFifi

I'm on morphine patches to don't find them very good .like u said could take double the strength. Amy

wishbone in reply to Amy65

I remember my rheumy saying to me that morphine was not very good for RA pain.


I've recently stopped codeine for same issues. No point taking something that isn't working. Just made me tired.

Hi, I'm on Nefopam which I take during the day. It doesn't knock me out the same as opoids do.

I find it pretty good however, it is a more expensive pain medication so some GP's are not so keen to prescribe it.

I still take dyhydrocodeine at night.

Hope you find something that works.


I take Nefopam and posted here recently about it. I get it because I can’t tolereate anything codeine based, tramadol or NSAIDs so, apart from Paracetamol, this doesn’t leave many options.

My old GP refused to prescribe it saying it was too expensive and that, according to him, this probably means it probably isn’t very effective.

But my new GPs have been positively throwing it at me in desperation because I fell and fractured a few ribs a month ago and needed something. Also Diazepam for related spasms.

I tapered off it fully a few days ago because it makes me feel a bit numb and dizzy - which are listed side effects. Also it seemed to give me insomnia but I was on maximum dose.

And the rib pain has come right back since stopping despite Lidocaine patches and Paracetamol - so from this I deduce it was helping. I don’t have big problems on it at all so it’s definitely my chosen form of stronger pain relief - but I’ve found it needs time and regular usage to build up in order to work.

gjsi in reply to Hidden

Hi, how did you get the lidocaine ? My GP won't prescribe.

Hidden in reply to gjsi

I can’t get it anymore either - pain clinic was useless. Someone who moves near me under a different health board and pain clinic gets lidocaine infusions abd patches - the lot. She has small fibre neuropathy like me but clearly waves much harder than I do and has a better pain clinic team!!

Eastwick in reply to Hidden

Hi there

I just had my first dose of Nefopam last night and even though I was really tired before bed, after the tablet it was like I had been given a triple shot of caffeine! Did not sleep apart from about half an hour last night. Anyone else have the same effect?


NanaFifi in reply to Eastwick

I asked my GP about it and he said it would be no good for my pain so I’m afraid I can’t comment, hope it helps you x

Hi, how did you get the lidocaine ? My GP won't prescribe.

NanaFifi in reply to gjsi

It wasn’t me who got lidocaine it was twitchytoes

Only thing that works for me is tramadol alongside paracetamol. I take a minimum of two a day, I couldn’t manage without them and I’m 64. 🤗 X

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