Oh no the dreaded night shift

Doh, after a little while of not waking with pain , here we go again. Maybe not being on the RA meds is causing a hiccup. Also I am very itchy! Maybe allergic to washing powder. Lying worrying about everything from my up and coming biopsy, to my daughters need to stop holidaying and get on with college work, to hoping Michael Schumacher recovers!

Strange thoughts go round when you are trying not to wake the others and try to keep warm! Hope I settle down soon. As my hubby says I worry about not having anything to worry about. Think I will try relaxation! Night night, I hope! Axx

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  • I did eventually! Hope you are ok, and your chest infection gets better very soon xx

  • How are you? Xx

  • Allanah you've so much on its a wonder you can sleep at all. Anyway it's definitely our job to worry about our babies and that will never change no matter how old they are!! I hope you managed to get back off honey and glad you had a pain free time for a bit. 2014 is gonna get easier for you, Rx

  • I hope so! Ye as I just woke after getting little sleep, phone goes, it's the driving instructor waiting on the drive for daughter! Of course she is still asleep as I slept lol! He must think we are mad!

  • Hi Allanah, I was also on the night shift with you and I know Sylvi was also there with us!! I went to bed for one hour in so much pain just had to get up, went back to bed 5am till husband woke me at 8 wanting to know where sugar was kept for his porridge!! Not a good start to the day. Only us who suffer this awful pain know what it's like not being able to sleep and spending many hours up and alone in the night, and as you say our worries seem to quadruple then.

    Our daughter got engaged few days ago so my mind was thinking about wedding arrangements etc. I have not left house for 10 days due to pain and feeling rotten but I am meeting up with daughter to spend day with her and grandson. Hope I have the stamina to make it thru the day.

    Did you manage any sleep yourself? By the way I bought a heated throw from aldi few weeks ago, it's fantastic when I have night up, keeps me lovely and warm, only takes about 5 mins to warm up. Take care, lynda x

  • Hi , yes I got from 8 till 10.30'ish! I bought one of the aldi throws too as the last one bought 3 yrs ago broke! Lifesavers I think! Xx

  • Hi, I was on night shift too...very inconsiderate. I went off round about 4.15. New pain in right hip don't know what that is. And like you I still worry about my children, even though, they have families of their own. I want all of them in my nest nice and safe. I hope you did get some sleep...the day is bad enough without lack of sleep and you are bound to worry over things happening in your life at the moment..I wish for you some peace...xxxxxxx

  • Xx

  • Oh lord, think I have to become a hermit! Went o sons party new year, they are all now sick and I have now dizziness, sore throat and wheezing , darn it! But doc phoned me, I have appointment with plastic surgeon next Tuesday, with a view to biopsy just after! So hope this new viral thingy sorts itself out!

  • I have been away most of last 2 weeks, at my son's for both holiday weekends, so I missed...what is the biopsy and plastic surgery for? Sure do hope you get rid of the viral thingy, you've kept it long enough!!

  • Got a surprise last week at my Rheumy visit lloret. Doc said he was putting me on infusions, but he REALLY assessed me and read my notes for a mon and now thinks I have a rare immune disorder which is like RA with lumps. I have been saying about these hand lumps but they were initially put down to rheumatoid nodules, so now he is looking a lot more seriously and he has asked a plastic surgeon to loosen and biopsy the lumps in the webbing of my fingers between the thumb and index finger and in the palms of my hands, also having an ultrasound next week too then maybe he says he might have an answer with some slightly different treatment. Scary!

  • Doh night shift again tonight, 3.30am exhausted but can't sleep!

  • Dear Allanah, it has occurred to me that if you've been on anti biotics for a while, and have a low immunity because of RA drugs, your itchiness might be a fungal skin infection. If it persists, I should check it out just in case.

    Kath xxx

  • Good thinking Kath, that didn't occur time, my " burning mouth " thing is playing up to will check if it's orl thrush.

  • Hi, how are you? X

  • Went to the pictures ! Lovely night ! Yeah c

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