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Ramblings from the night shift

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Here i am having given up the ghost and got up as i had a bad night again!! The mistake i made yesterday was not only going to bedworth to the doctors and round the town and market, but going to asda with hubby to do the shopping. I was in scooters at both trips,but it seems this fatigue thing doesn't like that sort of thing.

I had a friend round last night who brought my avon, she came with her hubby and we had a good old natter as you do,but me i came over all terrible. Before that i felt a bit ropey and took my blood pressure which was 179/76 which was a bit worrying and while my friends were round i took it again it was still 167/93. My hubby sat with us and he watched me changed. I ached all down my right side which is where i have the ra. From my face down to my knees. So after they left i went and had a bath and got into bed to watch the tv.

They say you shouldn't have tvs in your bedroom,but these must be the people who don't have diseases like we all do.

I watched the new series of ncis on fx channel. It was intriguing to say the least and this thing with one of the aagents is going to run all the way through the series i think.

I hope that when you all get up later in the morning you have all rested nicely and are ready to fight another day, unlike me who will be resting all day.

Morning to all. Sylvi.xx

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Sylvie, don't want to sound like a nag but what were you doing running around shopping. I thought the prescription for your post viral fatigue was to take it easy even for a few days. There is nothing wrong with having a tv in your bedroom - how else would you put in the time. Hopefully you are now nicely tucked up and snoozing.

Where do i start, well i didn't feel too bad when hubby wanted to do the shopping. His car had been in for a service and he couldn't go before lunch to do the shopping. Daughter was at work because as a rule she usually goes with him. He likes me to be with him. I was in one of their scooters so i wasn't walking. I enjoyed it as he can go at my slow pace unlike my daughter who has to go at breathneck speed and i can't enjoy shopping like that.

I feel absolutely whacked today so i won't be going to the farmers market as much as i would like to. I don't feeling like this and i hate having to give into it,i am afraid pacing is not my easiest thing to do,but after yesterday i don't think i will have a choice.

Snoozing i wish,i might actually go back to bed later and see how i get on,or i could lay my recliner flat out and snooze down here.

I like having a tv in the bedroom as when i'm on my own i can relax a lot better. I did enjoy ncis last night,the rest of the evening was full of reruns of programmes i'd alreay seen

Love sylvi.xx

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Morning Sylvi, (and others :) )

I have a tv in my bedroom as I find it easier to turn it on and watch in the early hours than getting up and disturbing Steve. He actually has his own room now, has done since I got RA. We usually have Friday night together as that's when we get a movie and a few beers and have an enjoyable evening and a laugh. although he did get booted out at half five this morning as I couldn't sleep and he didn't want me to get up as we are off into London tonight to see a band play... I love going to concerts but it does knacker me out....

got to go... breadmaker's beeping... xxxxx


It is often like that, as soon as we feel able we do stuff then we realise wherre not quite recovered and pay for it later on. Where poor pacers. But we must try!

Hope you feel better soon and remember to rest up.

I also have tv in bedrrom and dvd player. I watch most of my tv there (no sky just free view in bedrrom). I watch it until I fall asleep and then hubby turns it of, when he comes to bed. In other words I rest and relax in my bed with the tv on.

Take care hun

Sci x :D


Have you ever thought about home shopping - i never go food shopping now -get it all online from Sainsburys and i've never had any problems.I also find that i spend less as i'm less likely to buy on impulse.

Hope you feel better today

Julie xx

I have virgin upstairs as well,just can't record on it,which doesn't matter as it can be done downstairs anyway. I don't shop as a rule bob and grace does it normally.

I can't believe how this pneumonia/viral fatigue is making me feel,i've never been so helpless as i am at the moment. I came down here very early and a couple of hours ago everything seemed to fall apart,my laptop decided to freeze because it was too hot,never done that before,then i lost the plot and i ended up in bed crying with frustration at how i am feeling,just got up and had lunch and laptop is ok now. I have dozed a bit,but i don't feel right even now.

I'm not sure i'm ready for home shopping just yet.I know its a good idea and i will have to do sometime,but while bob is home he likes to know what he is buying. He's a very hands man like that.

Anyone have any ideas how long this fatigue will last? The last time i had pneumonia was the year before i came down with ra and it took me a month to recover,but this is so much different to then. I am so exhausted and tired, i don't know whether its because of the ra that i'm so slow to recover. My joints ache so much as well.

Love to all, sylvi.xx

Sylvi, what are you up to. You must rest until the post viral fatigue has gone otherwise you will make your self really ill. It can take a couple of months before you begin to feel well again. When I had flu, I felt like a wet rag rung out for several weeks after and the tiredness was almost unbearable and I was working full time! Certainly I am sure the RA is affecting you as well.

Cannot hubby do the shopping for you if you give him a list? My hubby did when I was laid up. And if you have forgotten anything, I am sure he would run down to the local shops to get it, or shop online. My neighbour does and she swears by it.

You are obviously trying to do too much and it is not on. You know from all the blogs on here how RA affects everyone and with flu/pneumonia on top as well, it's no wonder you are feeling so rough.

Sorry to lecture but we all care about you and want you to get well and you won't if you keep trying to do everything.

My laptop will freeze from time to time - usually because it is overworked! Just let it cool down and it should be fine again.

Take care, sending you hugs and love. LavendarLady x

LL,you are so right,i didn't realise how bad you could be honest,i've never felt like this before. Hubby does the shopping anyway i just went to keep him company and to get myself out for a bit. I have had a really rough morning to be honest. I have never been ill since my ra diagnosis so didn't know what to expect,it certainly wasn't this i can tell you.

I have been back to bed this morning and feel a bit like part of the human race,but i don't feel right. Is this what people feel like who have me?

It will be fun down the ra clinic next week,whats the betting i get a lecture as well.This has bowled me over as i wasn't doing much before,and i don't like the feeling much.

I know you all care but despite having ra a while this fatigue after pneumonia is something i have ever encountered. I am going to behave myself now i know how long it will take. I want to be reasonable well when i have to have my knee done and if i'm like this they won't do it wil they.

Thank you for caring so much about me,it does help me even if you think that your giving me a lecture. It seems its what i need anyway.

Love sylvi.xx

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Oh dear Sylvi, what are we going to do with you! You really just have to do nothing until the fatigue is really back down at normal levels. Aiming at being well for your surgery is a good idea to motivate yourself - also being better by the spring as the days lengthen and you really will be wanting to get outside:-) For now, you need to hibernate!

I've done my food shopping via the internet ever since the service started - it saves hours and lots of physical strain. My sons both do their shopping this way too as they are 'time poor' working long hours. This way if I go to the shops it is a pleasure not a physical ordeal!

Do be gentle and kind with yourself,

Cece x

Bob has got the compost in the house to warm up and he will get me a load of pots in so i can start to pot the seeds for the allotment and garden. I am not doing anything at the moment as i've got to get this fatigue sorted out. I actually enjoyed my trip with bob yesterday as he keeps up with my pace,when grace goes she goes at breath neck speed and i get no enjoyment going then. Bob normally does the shopping so i don't have to worry about it as a rule,

Your right about looking ahead as i don't want to miss the chance to be able to walk. You feeling ok at the moment?


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Ha! I wouldn't have much of a life at all if I couldn't have my tv in my room. My afternoon "crashes" are just laying on the bed with the tv on, sometimes I doze, sometimes I sleep really deep, and sometimes I just get bored and get back up.

Having had 8 spine surgeries, I need to get horizontal during the day, to take pressure off the vertebrae. Wish I could hold a book to read while being horizontal.

I wish i could read as well. I used to love reading,but for the last year with all the problems i have lost my love of reading for the time being.I did go back to bed this morning for a bit just to rest mainly. I'm not as bad as you are my friend. I have back problems nothing needing surgery though. I would be lost without the tv in the bedroom as i spent a lot of time up there.

Take care my darling, love sylvi.xxx


I was hospitalised with pnuemonia 18 mths ago i and i can honestly say that it took me 6 mths before i felt back to normal(whatever that is!)Please be kind to yourself.Your son will be home soon and you want to be well for then

Julie x

Yes he will,theres pics of him on facebook in cozomul on the beach with his workmates. Lounging on the beach,don't we wish we were there enjoying the sun.

Roll on the spring i say, warmer weather, longer days, flowers growing.


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REST!!!!! you bad girl!! hope you get better soon xx

Thats all i can do summer,don't have the energy for anything else. not looking forward to sitting down doing nothing. I am going to behave myself from now on.


Oh Sylvi, U tell Me to rest!!! I got Pneumonia a few years ago and it took me 4 months to get back to work. So look after yourself.

Your good on the computer so why don't you do internet shopping, Its easy after a few tries, just for the times you are a bit tired cos I know its nice to go round the market but its always an option! Although the first time I managed to order 5 grammes of potatoe instead of 5 kgs!!! Axx

You didn't much potatoes then, that wouldn't feed a mouse. Thanks for that it made me smile after another bad night.


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