Oh no time to climb the slide oops stairs

Well after a rather traumatic down in the dumps day it's bed time which means I have the challenge of climbing the stairs, which recently has been disastrous. I think having had a few falls this week it's knocked me physically and confidence wise, I hurt from my hair to my nails.

I'd like to say thanks to Sylvia for her support today as always. I have rested this eve (as instructed) and I'm off to bed in the hope for sleep. Hey Sylvia do u think it will have worked and they will draw perfect bloods tomorrow. Xxx

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  • Crampons: check. Ropes: check. Ice axe:check. Ok, I think you should be ok for the ascent. Good luck :-)

  • I can't tie knots. Lol. Xx

  • Lol not sure about the perfect bloods but hope all goes well tomorrow and you manage to rest tonight xxx

  • I made it up the slide.

  • Yay! Well done. Have you got handrails on both sides of the stairs? It's amazing what a difference it makes. Having said that I have been known to go up on all fours. No dignity. lol

  • Creaky that is so true! A year ago when this disease first started to 'up it's game' I rebelled against the installation of a second handrail on the other side of the stairs, but boy! what a difference it makes :-) (I've also crawled up on all fours too!)

  • If it's any consolation, when my disease wasn't managed as well (mainly the first yr), I use to always fall up my house stairs. It doesn't happen that often now, but I remember feeling really frustrated and angry with myself.

    Try to rest up and it does get better. Good luck for tomorrow

    Sci x

  • Hello

    Silly question...... I presume its your drop foot the is causing part of the problem.

    Could you try going up backwards. I did this when my ankle was really painful with my torn achilles and it really helped..........


  • Thank you darling girl.Don't be silly darling girl,perfect bloods means there is nothing wrong with you and we know thats not true. You will be fine and hopefully they will see something in them there bloods that will finally find out what is wrong with you. I am of to get bloods done as well in the morning as well. YOU WILL BE FINE

    and you had better believe it my friend.Love me.xxx

  • I've found that the reverse bum-shuffle up the stairs is the best and safest method for going up the stairs when one foot is out of action - similarly, coming down stairs, but forwards:-}

    Despite being partially weight bearing and on my crutches now I still use this method first thing when I'm stiff and creaky and last thing when I'm tired and stumble-y - it's tough on the wrists, elbows and shoulders but at least I haven't fallen down the stairs.

    Hope you have a better and more cheerful day today. Put some music on and wiggle around - even seated it gives you an energy boost:-}

    Cece x

  • If your wrists and arms give out as mine did (far too much weight) then use good foot as usual but knee of the leg out of action. Bit of a challenge when you get to the top though.

  • Look at it as if you are climbing Everest and when you make it to the summit shout out..."look at me Ma I'm on top of the world!!" Actually I find comi d down just as bad as going up...oh what trials we are sent....a huffing and a puffing up and a huffing and a puffing down! I wish you well and a smile. Maryx

  • Thanks every one for ur supportive and humorous comments. Much needed xxxx

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