wax baths/ private physio /hydro

wax baths/ private physio /hydro

Hi any one know were a wax bath for hands./ maybe feet... can be bought and how much.?

I.saw a private physio yesterday and she recommended i got one.. saw one in argos bout £40 squid.. any one got any thoughts... she said I have lost lot of hand function./ grip.. my walking is a but strange too.. feet arthrits.. cant bend toes properly in either foot ..

She says I strike heel first with foot roll?!, my neck which gp said was neck/ spasm she says is RA and on no account ,let any one manipilate my neck.... Why private physio you say.. its called pease help me... urgent waiting list for hydro /physio at glos royal 10 weeks plus..., so also got a private session next wed lunchtime(in the hydro pool).. this physio was good.. rheum experience.. at my own home she used to work at a hospital of great repute called Standish hospital... which they moth balled and then closed 7 0r 8 years ago... it was the rheumy/spina,l and years ago isoalation hosp with peacocks walking outside.. That NHS logic for you.. and guess what glos royal hospital has no wax baths......

taking so much diazepam for my neck im asleep or seeing flying cats... see if you can see the flying cat too!!! x

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Hi Alison, have seen the one in Argos but not bought one so can't tell you what it's like. Wax is so good for the hands isn't it? I remember having my first one when I was very first admitted many years ago.

So sorry your having trouble and think it's a disgrace you have to wait 10 weeks for an appointment. When we see our consultants now and they refer us for physio/OT they give us the letter and we can go straight to the department and make an appointment straight away!! Just so wrong how long you have to wait and how hospitals can vary so much.

I feel for you I really do you seem to be suffering a lot at the moment, do hope you can get something sorted real soon, wish I could help you more I really do.

Take care luv.

mand xx


Hi Alison, I bought mine from argos for £40. I have found the link for you if you want to look at it :

I couldnt live without mine now!

I use mine for both hands and feet

I also have a wheat bag for my neck pain which is great but for sitting and watching telly or car journeys etc I use a lumbar pillow for my neck it works for me anyway:

I hope you manage to get some relief, if you have any queires about any aids to help you pm me as I have almost everything, my better half buys me everything he can to help me out xxx


thanks both... ra-fibro thanks for link my local argos has two left so may be tomorrow....


Hi Alison

Good links here so worthwhile investigating. Like mand, in the early days I regularly had wax treatments for my hands and at the time it really helped. I think since then therapies have tended to concentrate on slowing the disease progression rather than acting on the symptoms. Wheat bags, ice packs and bowls of warm water work just as well and cost a lot less!!

I have many similar problems to you with feet, hands, neck but mine tend to be synonymous with joint damage rather than ongoing disease ... that's moved to my knees and ankles having b******d up everything else!! RA seems keen to exploit pastures new so do keep on top with disease control (sounds like foot and mouth all over again!!)

Take care

Lyn x


Just the thought of dipping my hands into hot wax makes me feel better! I'll be getting one of those when I get paid :)


Crikey I have had one for years and never thought to use it on my RA hands and feet!! Will get it out now !! lol


yeah i got to wait til pay day too.... had to raid emergency fund for physio.. did you see my flying cat??!!


Yeah love the flying cat lol!!

I know what Lynn is saying I also use wheat bags ect for a quick fix if wax hasent melted in time but for me the wax is better, I always do my excersies when I have the wax on makes my fingers easier to move, and the relief even if its only for a short while is instant and belive me I asked my physio when she first introduced it to me could I have a full body one lol it was that good!!

Lulu hope you enjoy it lol.

Alison are your fingers swollen? Just asking because when mine are very swollen like sausages I use coban wrap as my physio advised and it really helps ease the pain/throbbing and takes the swelling down really quick you probably know about it as you can buy it from pharmacys (well most of them) here's a link so you can see what I mean:

If youve not tried it then try it its fantastic, I have even used on my ankles and toes and knee when they are really swollen. My OT told me if you cover the whole of the swelling then it ease's the throbbing pain instantly I didnt belive it could do at first but it really does x


thankls julie ra-fibro you are a star!!.. will look into coban wrap.. i wear arthritic glloves.. when one of the senior pharmacists first saw me wearing them.. he asked me if they were driving gloves?.. I THINK/ HOPE he ws joking???

could you talk me through how you get your links into this comment box... as i am a ludiite.. in pharmacy.. most insructions are coded ,not much typing or real computer use!!. if you knw what I mean.. wish the computer could print steroid cards which i write by hand, or drug trials which i write by hand.. we do some aids trials and barretts oesphagus trials.

The hospital system is still dos based lol.... eg

1.2 equals one twice a day.... 1v. equals one to be inserted high into the vagina and so on... the warnings eg avoid alcohol should be generated automatically if not we find stickt label with warning.. eg avoid sunlight etc


Hi Alison, just copy and past the link in the address bar. Put icon onto address bar right click and then copy,then past it where you want it, ie; blogg/comment etc.

Hope you got that

mand xx


aah seen coban link.. it was used on my other cat the non flying one! when the she badly ripped here paw open she had purple, that one is a bagpus she likes to get into bags


Alison hope you got my message with step by step instructions, lol then I noticed Mand has already helped you out oh well I should have checked here first.

Dont put yourself down on the computer your doing great at writting your blogs!

Also Ive just thought of another link for you as you have seen my right fingers are badly swollen and as my thumb now has very little movement and my first finger no longer bends at all I struggle very bad to try and hold a pen so I found and bought a ring pen :

this is an amazing pen as it just slides on like a ring (and even fits comfortably on my sausages) then you dont need to grip and it dosent take much getting used to however causes little or no pain when writting unlike a standard pen defo worth the investment.

Any help you need step my step instructions or help with about your computer please feel free to message me Alison and I will try my best to help you out xxx

Take care



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