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Hiya, after reading Mattcass post when he talked about his cheese pieces.

That is a cheese sand which in England. It got me thinking about different regional words and wondered what you use that are different.

I when I moved to England I went to a butchers and asked for gammon. Gammon in Scotland is cooked ham. The butcher obviously gave me a gammon joint confusing me as I wanted cooked ham, gammon to me lol.

When I met my mother in law she called me canny. I was so upset as in Scotland it means mean with money but here is the north east it is nice or sweet!!

Any stories?

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  • I still use various saying like pulling a boose my kids have got used to it but I do get funny looks from anyone else around


  • I don't know that one?

  • its normally used on a child pulling a frown

  • Lol! Thought it was drinking ha ha

  • What about, do you want a skelp.Matt

  • I know that one! It's a slap' but skelf is a piece of wood in your finger

  • Well done, When we did something wrong Ma Mother used to say come here till I skelp you and you did it, If she had to come to you it was worse for you. Matt

  • I remember so well

  • Aww

  • In Yorkshire they call that (splinter) a spell, it is a Viking word.

  • Really?

  • justlizz, we here in states have reduced that to just "frowning" :) Have not heard the term "pulling a frown"

  • Is it a bap or a batch that is the

  • No it's a roll! Roll and cheese, roll and gammon that's a bap with cooked ham. Or a roll and ham which is a bacon buttie lol

  • Weird and barmy lol

  • A fab!

  • Drooling

  • how about a mivi

  • Mm

  • I say

  • My lollipops are!!!

  • Do u have ice pops as well? Like mini ice lollie, sorry mini lollipops !

  • Is that what we call a "popsicle" here? Frozen fruit juice on a stick?

  • Rrobably!

  • Apples and pears,dog and bone.xxxx

  • People don't use that now they?

  • HAHAHA! If you guys talk like that on here all the time, I will never understand you ! :)

  • And right back at you ! Wicked means very rather than good, bangs are a fringe ?!'

  • What:) Wicked means very..oh wait, yeah, that is our teen slang, saying the opposite of something, like "That's bad" Is really outstandingly great!

    Bands are hair that is cut straight across the forehead. You call them "fringe"? Yours makes more sense:)

    What do I say that sounds odd?

  • This has been fun for me while i have been suffering as much as i have.It helps me take my mind off the pain i'm in,so thank you guys and gals.xxxx

  • Part of the service!

  • Keep it up Allanah as i am going to need it in the coming days methinks. Anyway why are you up so early,you in pain as well.God i hope not

  • Never mind! It's either I am sore orBrad Pitt paid me a secret visit! Shhhh don't tell the press x

  • Johnny Depp or Daniel Craig,xx

  • no it was definatley Bradd in the night, oops oh no I let out his secret, Angelina will kill me xx

  • Ha ha ha ha xxxx

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