The stage is set! With covered wagons forming a half-circle, the towns' people gathered in groups around center stage, Anton and I arrive by horse and buggy, the one with the fringe on top, into the cheering crowd, all gathered to celebrate the admission of their new state to the Union.

Anton and I are celebrating my approval for a biologic drug to smash this dam RA!

I am as excited as the towns people in Oklahoma!

Dressed in my full-skirted, yellow gingham dress, with puffy sleeves, fitted bodice (ugh on that this morning..after yesterday seems a might bit snug), my straw hat with streaming red ribbons sits firmly on my head. Anton is dressed for the town, in a red and white checkered shirt, blue jean overalls, with suspenders and a straw hat. We are ready to stomp the doble!

He charges in a flourish with his red canvas sheet blowing in the breeze (stage fans :)

I reach out to him and swirl around him, as he stomps about, his heels clacking on stage, as he attacks the "bull". The furtive, assertive steps of the DASo-doble have the crowd cheering for its demise.

RA can be the bull

As Cimzia roils to attack

The rythm of the dance is full

of the molecules as they fight back.

Relief is a dream yet..

And joy rides in expectation

Slowly pain we forget..

Smiles reflect jubilation!

DAS succumbs to Cimzia

and her sisters Enbrel, Simponi,

join others like Humira

To win the game, conquer the beast..

RA is done, gone, Fini!

and likely, so am I :)

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  • Well done Lovely

  • I would actually pay money to see this!! I want a gingham dress too now. I got a bit of a surprise at the suspenders bit though. They are a ladies under-garment on this side of the Atlantic, I'm sure Anton would wear them well though. xx

  • Really!? Suspenders in the Wild West were worn over the men's shoulders and hitched to the waist of their pants, thus suspending, their britches. :)

  • Yep. Over here they are used for holding up ladies stockings (nylons). Totally impractical and uncomfortable buy the boys seem to like them. :-)

  • LOL, from what I've heard from grandaughters, they don't bother with the kind of stockings that need tto be held up :)

  • Fabulous as always well done you xxx

  • This has just taken my breath away.......I felt I was there with you....fighting that fight against the RA bull.....part of the crwod cheering you both on......oh my.....SUBLIME!!!!! xxxx

  • Wow, thanks for your enthusiasm!

  • P.S. Your garden is beautiful!!! xx

  • Thanks ..the garden is actually Ohio's!

  • Oh wow!! Really.....Well done! X

  • Yes, fabulous Loret! And what a lovely garden too:-} x

  • Thanks, it is lovely, but not mine, It is at The Ohio Agricultural Research Center, in Wooster, Ohio, where my husbands first job was..

    I was looking for a pic that looked like Oklahoma, but nothing here is that barren :)

  • Yeeeee Haaa. As the cowboys would shout. I loved the flaring of the gingham. And Anton wearing suspenders!!! Oh my goodness! Is this Oklahoma or the rocky horror show? ( you have to have seen that show to get the joke). And yes I know that suspenders are what we call braces over here. And we also refer to orthodontic appliances as braces. No, get back Dtech, stop it, this is Bruno's blog :-) where was I? Oh yes, Loret. Once again such pace and good 'ol USA verve. Love it.

  • Wow, thanks Bruno, I'm glad you got a glimpse of the Old Wild West :)

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