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Anton looks down into her violet, sparkling eyes, as Lizet nervously holds onto his hand, he sees the vision she portrays,in her breathtaking, well-fitted gown, a heavenly shade of lavender, the plunging- to - the- waist- neckline trimmed in silver lame', the lights above in a shade of blue intended to intensify the colour of a heavenly angel.

She admires his gallant image of virility in his deeper purple jumpsuit, the neckline also plunging to reveal his muscular chest, the soft, deep fur, continuing out of sight.. omg she thinks, can I stop thinking like that long enough to get through this...

They stand, poised to begin..

The orchestra's opening refrain wafting on the Lavender scented air

Anton reached out to begin the spin

Lizet swirled into his arms, the blue light on her hair

His gaze caught those violet orbs, the sparks united them

She knew they must make a stunning appearance as they danced and glided around the floor. He led her so gently into the swirl together, then let her out to arms' length, as she had practiced so many times, right into the sweetest of cartwheels, first one and then two and there he was to receive her back into his arms. Her chiffon gown fell instantly into place, curving around her ankles as she came out of the last cartwheel......

He remembered the night

of the Ten O' Six Waitz

And he knew just how much he had lost

He had lost his little darlin'

The night they were playin'

That beautiful Ten O' Six Waitz

Now he, has a new love

And he holds her so gently

And he knows just how much he needs her

He needs this, little darlin'

To be here forever

With him and the Ten O' Six Waitz

The end, for now, of the antics of Anton

and this desperate attempt!

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I do like a woman with an active imagination Loret! You described the costumes so beautifully:-} Brava!

Cece x


Loving your description and looking forward to the nextxxxx


delightful :) xgins


Lizet my angel, come over here and talk to us.........

That was pure class my dear, you and Anton, what a pairing, could we have shades of Fred and Ginger in our midst?........I think so:-)

How does it feel to have danced your first dance?

Very well done



Dear sweet Ronnie/Boots :) I would like to get to know Anton better, also would like nothing more than to go over the waters and visit all of you.

This was not the best of weeks to be performing in, so hopefully next time we'll really show off. I was very glad to have the waltz this week! But you guys and your humour is cleverly entertaining!!


G-OOOOR-Geous costumes.....debonair couple....but was expecting more rhyming extensions D-AAAAA-Ling! Show me more extensions!!!

(This is Craig speaking....not Luthien...eeeek Craig...shame on you!)


The rhyming is what held me up, Craig dear!! But alas! If you pick up any book of Poetry, by the Masters of that talent, you will not read much rhyming at all. Real Poetry is in the rhythym of the lines. Do keep that in mind as you evaluate the others ,dawlin' :) Punctuation also, very important, a pause in a sentence can say something more emphatic than a string of words could mean. But, hey, we are all just beginnning1


limerick we used to say when I was at school:-

there was a young man from Perth,

got stung on the neck by a bee.

when asked if it hurt, he said not very much

it can do it again if it wants.


You are so rigtht, Sandra. No rhyme there, but it does read well. Thanks


Oh yes I'm well aware of the variety of comment was actually reflected towards the limerick in which as per Gins post does have a more rhyming feel.

Your work above is beautiful though.


Sorry, I guess I sounded defensive, this week was a bit more than traumatic, hoping to settle next week, though have eye appointment on Monday, to investigate what is causing a bright flash like a lightning strike running through field of vision, since cataract surgery 11 days ago. up this morning and discovered my left hip and leg were not working well, had a painful time putting my jeans on! It has been my right leg, getting numb when I stand, so afraid my concentration is being interrupted! I hate to whine, or moan, as you say. I'll just call it reporting facts :)

Fact is, my son suggests it likely is from a vertebrae in my lower spine. There is nothing left there to repair, it's already all metal rods, plates and screws :( Looking forward to the next session of Strictly!


Oh Loret.....I'm so sorry to hear your not too good at the moment.....(by the way this is Luthien speaking NOT bloomin Craig!!). It's tough isn't it when these things hit us.....hope you get some answers in your appointment on Monday.

Don't worry about inspiration for's all crazy fun and not to be taken seriously.....I'm just trying to 'act' the part of Craig to try and create some humour....I don't know if you've actually seen him in action but he has an acid tongue which is, in my mind, hilarious!! :)

Will be thinking of you and hope you get a little relief soon.....and NEVER call it whining or moaning....we're hear to listen to everybody with whatever problems are occuring because we are all understand the way or another. Take care xxxx


I haven't seen Craig of course, but we have totally insane and reactive Tony la Baloney! He is hysterical, always giving poor Len, the serious one, a hard time and often the recipient of some of Tony's reactive critique! Remember, those two are coming to see you all this next 2 weeks. One of our judges is going to be Joanna Hough, Derek Hough's sister. That should be interesting, she judges her brother. He really is the finest male dancer on our "Dancing with the Stars" Monday evenings at 8:00pm

Just hike your antennae up another 3 feet, you should be able to catch the signal LOL!!


Hi Loret

Best of luck for Monday and hope they can sort it out without more surgery:-)

Your writing is beautiful and you are an inspiration to all of us with your zest for the competition and in your scones:-))

You take care and if you need a week out of strictly, 'til you're back on form that's perfectly okay, as Luthien said this is all about fun and we don't want to be piling pressure on anyone........xx


Thanks Ronnie, you're a dear. I will be here unless they take my keyboard away!!


Ronnie, is there any way you can post all the competion posts on one page, so we can read them all. I don't think I saw atleast 3 of them, don't know how I missed them..


Thanks Deb, BTW, are you dancing? Don't think I have read your rehearsal blog....or are you judging?

Well, you surely must know by now how very much I have admired you from afar, reeaallyy afar!! heheh I could go on, but would not want to be accused of "slathering" the judge! :)


Yep, looks like I'm slathering! Don't tell anybody!


A traditional lymeric should have the second lines rhyme 3 an 4 ryhme together and the last line no 5 rhymes with the first.

as in,

There once was a doctor who said:

"Far too many sick folk die in bed:

There's no healthier place

And to rescue the race,

I suggest using armchairs instead."


Thanks for the rreminder, ginz. I kinda knew that but in a hurry, couldn't make it work. Will do better next time.


Ah the Tenessee waltz,

I was waltzing with my darling to the Tenesee waltz

When an old friend I happened to see.....

Can't remember any more words but lovely tune xxxx


I introduced him to my loved one

And while they were dancing

my friend stole my sweetheart from me :(

now I don't remember the next verse!!


I was dancin' with my darlin to the Tennessee Waltz

When an old friend I happened to see.

I introduced him to my darlin' and while they were dancin'

My friend stole my sweetheart from me.

I remember the night and the Tennessee Waltz

Now I know just how much I have lost

Yes, I lost my little darlin' the night they were playin'

That beautiful Tennessee Waltz

Now I wonder how a dance like the Tennessee Waltz

Could have broken my heart so complete

Well I couldn't blame my darlin', and who could help fallin'

In love with my darlin' so sweet

Well it must be the fault of the Tennessee Waltz

Wish I'd known just how much it would cost

But I didn't see it comin', it's all over but the cryin'

Blame it all on the Tennessee Waltz

She goes dancin' with the darkness to the Tennessee Waltz

And I feel like I'm falling apart

And it's stronger than drink and it's deeper than sorrow

This darkness she left in my heart

I remember the night and the Tennessee Waltz

Cause I know just how much I have lost

Yes I lost my little darlin' the night they were playin'

That beautiful Tennessee Waltz

Just looked it up and Amylou Harris did z version of it too! Thanks for the lovely memories I used to dance this with my Dad xxxxxxx


Wow, I don't recognize those words at all! But who was the male singer who first made it famous? Atleast here, the first I heard, it was a male singer.

A lovely song, along with "Can I have this dance for the rest of my life..." This is a for- real memory...A dear friend approached me at a Charity Ball my husband and I were attending, asked me to dance, and began singing that song as we danced. Then as the dance ended, he said, "I mean that, my dear" Well oh my, I rather dizzily approached our table, must surely have been pink cheeked! My husband preferred not to dance every dance, he really wasn't into it, but he took me and didn't mind if our friends danced withme. At that time I remember being kinda, why did he think I would take him up on such a comment!!

THEN..the next Monday at work, I worked with his wife, he actually called me and said " I wasn't so drunk I didn't mean what I said"...ohlordy@! I tried to make light of the whole thing, and afraid to be out in public again with them for awhile!!


Tennessee Waltz is a popular country music song which was written by Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King in 1946 and first released in December 1947 as a single by Cowboy Copas. The song became a multimillion seller through a 1950 recording by Patti Page. As of 1974, it was the biggest selling song ever in Japan. The song is said to be originally written by Jimmy Wilkinson (Jimmy Wilson) the upright bass player for Pee Wee King's Golden West Cowboys and sold to Pee Wee King although King claims that he himself wrote the song with Golden West Cowboys vocalist Redd Stewart.

And love your story! How could you have resisted lol quite easily I think xxx


I remember Patti Page vaguely. I might have been too young in 1950 to pay much attention, so it's Redd Stewart I likely remember. thanks for all the research and info!

The story....he did not give up so easily, but his wife was a close friend at the time, no way was I going to fall for that stuff , he became a real womanizer in the community back then. Now he is on the governing Board at the Bellevue Hospital where my son practices Family Medicine, has gotten very portly, grown a shaggy beard, and not my style...funny is, I have not yet to run into him or his wife. I should write a book!


Lol ! It's cos u r irresistible darlink !


Probly not. He might be shocked to see me too.LOL OH no, better idea, I'll just your heart out baby,,looks likeyou've been working on it hahaha


Ah! Our cousin across the water. Jet lagged but so much oomph darling. I love it. Bruno Toenailoily will swim across the Atlantic to watch your next dance.


OOOH I know dawling, I am so looking forward to seeing you in person!!

But sweetie, I must warn you, the Atlantic will not be so kind to your skin, so you must apply plenty of virgin olive oil to entire body, not just the toenails, love. I will love you forever for your efforts just to see me and my compatriots :)


Sweet thing, may I ask? Do you wish us to write a narrative describing our practicing and the dance, or just the limerick of more than one verse?


We love the blogging of the practice So feel free to keep the literary juices flowing :-) and further to your advice for the virgin olive oil. I am looking for a volunteer to help apply it to the more inaccessible places on my body. Well with RA I do have problems bending you know. ;-)


OH Mercy, Bruno, You must seek help from that side. And see your Rheumy about the bending prob!


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