Cimzia injectees - please look here!

So, it appears that injectees is not actually a word but I like it anyway. I wanted to start a thread so that us cimzia injectees could swap stories.

I had my first 2 injections of cimzia last Tuesday. I felt terrible the next day - sick, dizzy and headachey but it wore off. Not much difference in terms of RA symptoms yet though.

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  • I am a Cimzia injectee and can report very good results :)

    I have been injecting for approx 4 months. I find it very easy and have suffered no ill effects.

    After just a couple of doses, things really improved for me and so it has continued.

    I hope it does the same for everyone else who may just be beginning the treatment . I only have good things to say about it.

    Mags x

  • Fab news - long may it continue for you!

  • I really hope for you that it works well. Sorry at present i only have salfas it will be very interesting to see how much it helps the RA.Best wishes xx

  • Injectees......good word....must add this to my odd words repertoire!!

    Yes I'm a fellow Cimzia Injectee, we should call ourselves the "Cimzia Injectee Crowd (CIC....pronounced sick...LoL!!)

    Seriously though I just went onto my maintenance dose last fri and am starting to notice improvements. I'm no longer feeling nearly as stiff and the awful full body flu like aches have gone. I'm still finding I need to carry on with a low Prednisolone dose as my right hand/wrist was really bad and is taking longer to respond. My rheumy nurse has said it's still early days for me so I'm staying positive & will persevere.

    Injecting is a breeze now after being shown the first couple of times with no side effects.

    Hopefully you'll start to see improvements v. soon. Xxx

  • The CICs! I've never been part of an exclusive group before! Glad you find it easier, found the first injections very distressing as the medicine is so thick.

  • Fruitycake,i have only been able to have two injections so far and they have shown improvement in my hands.I had the first on a thursday and on the Saturday i had no stiffness in my hands. I had no after affects from them and i look forward to having my next two after my

  • Fingers crossed for you, sylvi. Hope you have a lovely holiday. :) x

  • Newbie Cimzia "Injectee" here. Just started Cimzia last week. I don't see any difference as yet, guess its too early.

    Fingers crossed hoping things will change.


  • Good luck with your next dose. How did you find the actual injecting? I struggled and I was previously very confident with my MTX injections but I found cimzia tricky.

  • I have some kinda phobia when it comes to needles. I actually had tears in my eyes and self injecting made it worse. I dint want to proper cry in front of the nurse. At the end after all the fuss somehow managed to do it. Already apprehensive about the next dose.

    I chose tummy area to inject. where did you inject? Good luck with your next dose

  • I injected in my tummy. Fortunately, I have plenty of flab to stab it into! Ahh bless you, it's not easy is it? Good luck to you too x

  • Are you willing to tell me how you felt the fist day after your injection? I just got my first injection a couple hours ago..

  • I'm sure it will get easier injecting....just takes a little practice. Hang on in there xxxx

  • I have been doing fine since starting Cimzia in February. The only hiccup was when I was injecting in the thigh. I cycle regularly and am quite fit as a result. The injection was ending up in muscle rather than under the skin as it should be. I found injections in thigh less effective and I did get some reactions at injection sites, which I don't get I inject in the tummy.

    While I had been used to injecting cows and calves on the farm it was still a bit of a thought injecting myself to start with. The needles are very fine and sharp and you hardly feel them going in. I make sure the syringe is out of the fridge for a good half hour before I use it. On the advice of the BUPA nurse I don't use the antiseptic wipe, she said it could often cause problems. I just inject straight after a shower.

    I hope this helps anyone starting Cimzia.

  • Lol, I want in but I inject Humira! I could be the Humira injecting Person..... HIP for short ! Lol xx

  • How is everyone?

    I had my second dose today - 2 injections and they were both fine this time! I've been vomiting on and off since my first dose and have had a headache that just won't shift. :( The healthcare at home nurse said she will report it to the pharmacist who will apparently report back to the cimzia peeps. My morning stiffness has eased up somewhat but my joints remain very swollen. I had a steroid injection about a month ago, so perhaps this is a response to the pred. wearing off...?

  • Fab to read all these comments all be it 2 weeks late lol ....I'm about to start your gang any day just waiting for the call from the nurse. Need to blimey am 43 and feeling 143! Hope it continues to be successful for you all and hope fruity cake is no longer suffering with sickness xx

  • I would suggest taking the box out about 13.45 , you will probably spend some time with you before the injection. I personally inject at about 30 degrees as I find Cimzia does not work so well for me if it goes into muscle. I no longer use my thighs for injections as I cycle regularly and keep quite fit so there little spare skin on my thighs.

    Please discuss things with the nurse. They are best placed to advise you.

    Hope everything goes well for you. Even though I had injected cows and calves on the farm it was I wee bit of thought the first time I injected, now 6 months in tomorrow's injection is hardly in my thoughts other than trying not to forget it!

  • I just had my first injections today.. wondering how I will feel tomorrow.. thank you for posting your personal info.

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