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Strictly flare up

Rubbin and I are exhausted this week! We practised with my new metal splints on my feet and whilst having to change my biological drugs. But wow we are hot to trot now! We had a lovely afternoon break yesterday on my friends porch and here we are now, the dance is nigh. It's a foxtrot to a musical theme. So Rubbin the darling chose the music "lets face the music and dance" , how much do we love a musical darlings, heavenly much. The set is magical, they know how to do it here, velvet blue gown, moonlight and stars all around from the glitter ball.

Spotlight on we go

There may be trouble ahead

But whilst there's bad hips and sore feet and drugs and romance

Lets face the RA and dance

We might be popping the pills

But whilst we're dozy ,with brain fog and fatigue and


Lets face the RA and prance

Dance with me, I want to hobble with you

The smell of liniment on you

Makes me go OOOH

There will be good times ahead

But whilst there's OT and physio and splints and romance

Lets face the RA and dance, dance

Lets face the RA and dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, to my wonderful fans, oh my darlings is that a standing ovation? Flowers being thrown onto the set, or are they getting up to leave, let's see what the judges say, fingers crossed, if I could! Xxxx

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I have fallen off my chair in admiration darling. This moves me and makes me vibrate in all the right places. Soooooperb.

Bruno Toenailoily

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It's the linament isn' t it Bruno, Darling xx


What are you two like. Dtech you have me worried about your vibrating!!!! Allanah I think i can see you winning this years


I'm not dtech! I am in my Bruno guise. As you know I'm usually very sedate and demure :-)

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Allanah you are MY favourite x

Clever girl you x

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Oh darling judges thank you for the lovely comments, Rubbing is of course having some after dance champagne, and we are glued now to the other dancers, he is so competitive sweeties xx


Well just love it wish i could be as good with words!!!!!!xxx

PS wanted to reply on tea on the porch think we almost crash the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yay! Allanah and Rubbin rule the dance floor!

C x


Oh WOW....!!!! This is FAAAABBUUUUlous. Allanah, you've totally captured the music , the mood and the lyrics reference to RA.....oh dear I'm palpitating with excitement.....I need to sit down now....hang on a minute....I am sitting down....I need to lie down then. Brilliant dear allanah!! xx


Well folks, I'm already blown away with reading Cece and Allanah's dances. Maybe I should concede, but you know me, I accept all challanges!

But dam, you guys are GOOD! :)


Wonderful darling, just wonderful. Your footwork was so good that those metal splints were sending sparks off the floor to match the stars and glitter ball. Ever so slightly worried that they may ignite the fumes from the liniment and set off the fire alarm. The Rubbin Alarmmah duo does it again.


Oh Allanah...... I'm simply speechless, absolutely brilliant! It was all their in my imagination :) x


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