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Well its been a whilst hi Sylvia, and all other fellow sufferers of my post. I wish you all a wonderful easter for those who follow such practice and a great day for those who don't. I can now flash the Vulcan hand sign for peace. I do wish this was through practice, but alas its down to my RA, twisting the middle finger away from center,at the same time toes on my feet are performing a interest little dance of their own . So good health and long life to all,warmest Craig

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  • Kunli-Easter

  • Hope you had a good Easter. I'm a closeted Trekkie who secretly drove 14 hours to visit the Trekcetera Museum in Vulcan Alberta a few years ago. lol

    I've never been able to do the Vulcan hand greeting....but my toes now are permanently in the Vulcan peace sign. :)

  • Haha haha! I love you guys!

  • Hi Suzan thanks for the kind words, you are so lucky to get to visit the museum, no I not closet Trekkie lol but have enjoyed the show since inception and in all its forms. make it so number one!! xx

  • Love all the series & all the movies. I also have the learn to speak Klingonese VCR teaching videos....Yes, I am a nerd :) though I must confess I love the Ferengi rules of Acquisition!! Whenever my kid's didn't want to do their chores I would state:

    Rule #110 "Explotation begins at home"

  • Jolan Tru to you as well, perhaps I should rewrite the rules of aquisition while I am at it and may the prophets be with you.

    Ok I'll stop now, I am no closet Trekkie


  • Thanks Stephen, I did press like put it has given you 5 likes, maybe Q is around trying to alter the balance lol. I do enjoy Star trek , though not to a degree of knowing each line from the show. Live long and in good health.

  • I am around, I'm forgiven! My brothers and sisters of the Continuum have taken me back. I'm immortal again! Omnipotent again!

    I wish :(

  • Bawhahahah I love Zek!! Talking to non trekkies is.....

    "It's like talking to a Kingon!!"

  • I have a friend that laughs like the Grand Negus and I nicknamed him Zek. hehe.

    Reading this thread has lightened my day, laughter is the best medicine.

  • Yes, laughter is the best medicine :) Laughter is what kept my hubby and I sane when we both got diagnosed with RA.

  • Keeping with the Star Trek theme, at least if the Vidians ever visit Earth they will pass us by, they only want to harvest perfect organs. :)

    I might even get away with it, my skin is falling apart just like theirs and they probably wouldn't know what to do with a green blooded Vulcan anyway.

  • I am now in front of the google box Stephenlangtonriley, suzannedale watching the scifi channel and guess what its got Voyager on OMG lmao xx

  • Oh dear one of the organ hunter episodes? Watch out, watch out, there is a Vidian about.

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