Strictly Halloween

well semi finals, Rubbing and I are excited and I can hardly breathe! Well yes that because of the bruised ribs from my fall during the week. But the costumieres darlink have worked so hard for moi, and made me a lovely short Rumba dress with a reiforced corset to help my pain.

We decided to do a Rumba version on Michael Jacksons "Thriller", in honour of the Rheumy and Halloween

Nervous but here we go, spotlight...and ....

Its close to midday.

I'm creeping round the hospital door

He's gonna see me

My heart is about to hit the floor

I try to scream ..cos everytime he squeezes me it aches so

Is this a dream..or is he looking right at my thighs, I'm paralysed

Cos he's a thriller, thriller guy

Hes checking on my DAS

and giving a sigh

On No a thriller , thriller guy

He tries to hold me tight,

but is a thriller, chiller , thriller sight

He will astound you

Hes knows all things about RA

He will forget you

he never know what name to say

You try to scream... cos everytime he gives you lots of needles

I try to dream, but then i open up my eyes , not paradise

No, No, its Thriller, thriller guy

He know his RA stuff

but its a pain in the buff

Thriller, thriller guy, my RA RA RA guy xxxxx

oh, , again the audience seem happy with that special Halloween performance and another Rheumy....he is in the crowd, he's throwing flowers, oh my........

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  • Allanah Allanah...... I've been waiting for your dance all week as I've really enjoyed them all, I love the song it's one of my all time favourites and your dance was magnificent!! You HAVE to be in the final. :)

  • :)

  • Brilliant love it.

  • :)

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  • Wow wow wow!!

    That was magnificent, your dance of the series I think, well done to you both xx

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  • That is brilliant,my favourite song as

  • :)

  • I enjoyed it very much save for "thriller sight" sorry lost it there still good luck xxgins

  • :(

  • You got the stuff, girl..and I don't mean the RA stuff, we know that! You go, girl, to the finals!!!!

    Maybe I'll meet you there...

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  • Bravo xx

  • :)

  • :)

  • Yay! Allanah - she shoots, she scores! x

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  • You are a-ma-zing!!!!! Definitely you're best dance of the show.....I have goosebumps now!! :) xxx

  • :)

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