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Has anyone else with RA applied for a blue badge recently? I keep putting it off, but my feet are so very uncomfortable. I have special shoes NHS supplied, but they still hurt. Every step! I have osteoarthritis quite badly as well as seronegative inflammatory arthritis. I use a walking stick, but not sure how to manage that whilst wearing wrist/thumb splints. This is all a bit new to me. Diagnosed early this year. ...and finding it all quite difficult.

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  • Go for it! You will be assessed by a physio and it's worth it. They can only say no! Or even better yes!! Xx

  • It's worth a try I like yourself struggle when using my stick & wearing my splint have to try & do one or the other or don't go out xx

  • I have what you have and have just renewed my badge no problem. If you are in receipt of DLA or PIP they wont even ask you to have a medical. Go for it. .x

  • Apply....they can only say no! It's the most valuable thing in my car to me! M xx

  • As Mavis says they can only say no. That's what I thought when I applied after I received PIP but nothing for mobility despite having problems similar to yours (though I refuse to use a stick just now & reply on my h!), & I was given one no problem. I did mine by tele-link & just checked on my local Council website for what I needed to prove residency, disability etc. There are some automatic qualifications, enhanced mobility PIP for example, though you'll find all that on your local council's website, just search "Blue Badge" & your council. I'm seropositive but also have OA & find walking distances difficult too so it's been such a help. Go for it!!

  • Thanks. That is encouraging. I shall give it a go! Watch this space.

  • I have blue badge my council Stockport assess your issues rather than your diagnosis . On a good day I don't use it (I know I'm entitled to but I like to push myself) but bad days I can be independent with it and it has helped me no end . If your form allows you be specific go into details of your issues good luck xx

  • Aldo I didn't have pip when I applied and still got the badge

  • Its worth getting advice from the disability welfare person at your local CAB, as they can tell you what the criteria are for your area, and help you maximise your chances of getting it. I also found my CAB really useful as they told me about other local concessions I hadn't known existed.

  • Why do you put off applying for a blue badge? Sounds like you deserve it. Just make sure you show your difficulty with walking. Someone I know, who does have some difficulties managed to walk to her car and was watched from the window and refused the badge! So make sure you show them how difficult walking really is for you

  • Yes I've just applied - I've got all of what you've got but also another condition which is severely limiting my mobility as well. I'm hoping they will award it!

  • I got my first blue badge five years ago, didn't have to be assessed by anyone they presumably contacted my consultant or doctor and when it ran out after three years I applied for a new one and a lively lady rang me and as soon as I mentioned 'RA' she said no problem, she would authorise the renewal. IM not in receipt of PIP, I'm still working but it wasn't a problem.

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