strictly slowstep


(please note the dancers are Flavia and Dermot O'Learily]

The setting sun sinks into the sea,

aboard the ship are Flav & Dermy.

the music starts, the dance begins,

as Astair & Rogers, their feet take wings,

to "Titanic" by Celine D.

He in his tux, her in a gown -

a happy ending assured - no-one will drown!

slowww, slowww, slow, slow, slow,

across the deck they float, there they go!

Craig isn't happy, look at him frown!

Light on their feet,- the slowstep's not quick,

they get pushed aside, oh no Craig's been sick!

what a dis-aster! what a kerfuffle!

but they carry on, this wonderful couple,

the audience chant "Judges.10's you must pick!"

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  • Brava Sandra, very funny xx

  • Well that made me laugh Sandra - Strictly Blogging as therapy! Well done:-}

    Cece x

  • thankyou :)


  • Excellent. Thank you for cheering me up! Maryx

  • Very good , well done.

  • Very good well done xx

  • Such beauty and grace. Not sure if Craig will like you noticing him being sea sick......but I do! :-) it kept to the theme of this weeks show.

  • 'Scuse me all.....feeling a little rough.....must be quick with comment.....good limerography...bye!

  • :D

  • Dangerous dancing on the deck

    Seasick what...... the heck

    The ship didn't sink

    And the dance didn't stink

    And Craig managed not to break his neck......

    Well done sandra99b.

  • like the poem :)

  • I really enjoyed yours great limerick.....

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