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Saves the last dance for me, off topic


And for those not in this competition, we are getting near the finals! Anyway Rubbin and I got the Rumba this week.

Well movies and. rumba, what to do darlings so of course the wonderful maestro Mr Barry Manilow came to mind , as usual and the wonderful musical movie Copacabana!

Here we go, we are on!

Her name was Sulpha

She was a dmard

With yellow colour out your tail

And a dress up to there

You could eat meringue

At Llorets porch

But whilst she tried to get well

Tony always served the tea

Across the crowded floor

The ached from 12 to 4

They were young and had RA

Who could ask for more

at the sulpha, sulpha cabana

The hottest knees north of Havana

At the sulpha, sulpha cabana

Music and steroids were always the fashion

At the sulpha...... Dtech fell in love !

Oh the feathers and sequins darlings just right for me and Rubbing this week, think he likes Mr Manilow too!

Ok off to see the family visiting till Saturday xxxxxx

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Oh my darlink you are the winner in my eyes.xxxx


Allanah? What can I say.......have you saved the best dance to last this week...... We will have to see??;). Brilliant, this is soooo good, your best yet! X


Ah Allanah, I see the muse was with you this week - inspirational:-}

Great tempo and beat. I love it.


Ha ha very good Allanah! Well done xx

Well done u. I'm glad I'm not a judge!!

Brill xx

Fan-tab-u-lous!! Alannah, Perfect rhythm, clever lyrics, and Barry too! You go have a fun weekend! I'm going to sit out in the freezing air and watch my 15.5 yr old grandson play the last home football game of the year!!

You kept to the beat of the original song. You are gliding effortlessly around the floor, with such light and dainty steps.

allanah....i'm still tapping my feet along to hit it!

Flirting with Barry........... well done. Allanah

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