CRP is up

CRP is up

My crp is up at 23,my rheumy nurse says the figure should be 11 or under. Today my face hurts,my hands,my feet are burning and my shoulders are as well. My nurse says not to increase the steroids as i am losing weight, and lets see how things go at the moment. She has got my refferals sorted so it shouldn't be long before fresh eyes will have a look at me.

Hugs everyone.xxxx

PS. These are growing in my

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  • Love looking at your flowers. Hope your resting. Hopefully fresh eye will help and maybe answer a few questions for you. Xx

  • That's why you will be more tired, hope it settles down with resting for you xx

  • Let's hope it not too long then Syvi. Did she have have any thoughts why you're so tired all the time?

    My many Geraniums were the only colour all year round in my garden, even the heat of the summer didn't dissuade them from offering up their flaringly red red blooms! My h hates the smell they give off though when you deadhead them, no pleasing some people! I had them on the window boxes all round the house. Oddly, mine here have been caught by the frost but still trying to flower, they look very sad though. x

  • I have slight aneamia as well. It never rains but it pours. I have had that for a while anyway. My Geraniums are flowering lovely in my conservatory,i have loads of

  • That would add to it wouldn't it. A conservatory will be a must in our next move, even if there isn't one there will have to be the possibility of having one built. We have a very large porch but it only gets the morning sun when we have it & my olives & kumquat struggle to ripen. They're green now & don't want to lose them but not convinced the heater in there is doing enough.

  • You wouldn't be able to grow olives here it is too cold. My geraniums are going great guns in my conservatory,mind you i have heating in there and at the moment the heating is on all day.xxxx

  • Love the geraniums! Do hope you improve soon. M x

  • Hugs Sylvi and hope not too long for you meet with "fresh eyes". Lovely flowers ;-) xx

  • Sorry to hear your not doing so well, hope you feel a little better today. xx

  • Thank you

  • Hope it settles down soon

  • Thank you,though it isn't today. thank

  • Hugs sweetie xx

  • Know just how you feel.....went from the bed to the sofa yesterday, awful day.....a bit more 'life' about me today but far from well, sure what can we do but just carry on as best we can.

    Sylvi, when you say your face hurts you what do you mean? i have had huge problems with my jaw almost from the beginning. is that were your 'face' pain comes from?

  • I believe it is

  • That name has been mentioned to me before but one i had my jaw ex-rayed it was confirmed that the distortion was due to RD. It has had a huge effect on my teeth as well, filling keep falling out to the extent that my dentist now says that my teeth are in such a bad state that i am having all my back teeth removed under sedation early next month. Because my jaw is so distorted i can only just open my mouth very slightly and it is very, very painful to brush them. i was told that i will need a jaw replacement in the near future. I do have problems with my eyes too but tht i can keep under control.

  • I am sorry Jeanabelle that your in a bad way,i wish i could help you hugs from me.xxxx

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