Counting my blessings

Was woken up with a cuppa which my youngest daughter made for me. Then my gorgeous grandson came up to see me, he has started walking. Its so cute to see him tottering round. We are having roast lamb today with mint sauce. Also its a lovelly sunny day so I am feeling very happy. Going out tomorrow with my friends and have a date on Tuesday. For the first time since Mum passed I feel hopeful about the future. Hope you all have a lovelly weekend and if you are feeling down that you will soon feel better. Sharon

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  • Hi Sharon, lovely to read such a positive blog. Roast lamb & mint sauce yum. I'm a great believer in counting your blessings. Good luck with your date! How exiting! I am with my guy for 32 years so think a date would be scary but exiting. Glad you are coming to terms with your loss & so glad you have a lovely family to help you. x

  • Thank you Gina.

  • Hi Sharon,

    I'm glad to hear that the sun is shining on you again:-) Life continues and never more clearly than when we see little ones taking their first steps. I've been enjoying the sunshine - sat in the garden and planted out some bedding plants - small pleasures but brings great peace and enjoyment. Perfect blue skies, a light breeze and birdsong - bliss!

    Tuck your hope for the future safely inside you and keep it warm, there's still a lot of life out there for living:-)


    Cece x

  • Yes you are so right its so good to get outside in the sun and have a potter in the garden.

  • Hi Sharon

    What a lovely blog. It is so nice to hear you being positive and having lots to celebrate. Children's first steps - it is a wonder..

    Hope the date goes well, it's nice to hear you are getting out and about. Mum has gone but never ever forgotten and she would be proud to see you moving on.

    You are lucky with the sun, we have had rain and thunder storms down here and it is quite chilly in the wind.

    Take care me duck

    Julie x

  • Thank you Julie glad you didnt find it too boring or smug lol. Looking forward to the date hope he is as nice in the flesh as he sounds on the phone lol.

  • Sharon you are not boring, or smug you ninny! Where did you find him. I met mine on t'internet (he hates me telling people that) and I knew I liked/loved him before I even saw him, because I liked his personality and voice on the phone! Good luck xxxx

  • Oh thank you Julie yes I met him on the internet too. I am feeling really nervous but excited to meet him. Glad to know that you met your beloved via the net. I will let you know how it goes.

  • Hello Sharon

    So good to see you being positvie and looking forward to the future.

    Your Grandchild will keep you busy and they give a lot of love.

    Enjoy your date

  • Yes they certainly do thank you Rabs.

  • Good luck on the date hun I wouldn't know were to start on a date either after seventeen years. I really hope all goes well for you. I am sure your mum will be smileling down on you x glad your in good mood to x

  • Lol yes and she would and she would be giving me advice too.

  • So nice to hear some positive things are happening for you.

    Have a great date ;-)

  • Thank you.

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