Just thought you would all like to know that my little indulgence today was a chocolate spread sandwich! Bang goes the diet until tomorrow but I just could not resist it - the jar stood in the cupboard going "eat me, eat me" and who am I to resist a call like that. I had an interested audience of two labradors hoping I would drop the odd crumb. Chocolate is very bad for dogs (it's not that good for me either) so they had a corner off my sandwich which had a smidgeon on it, not enough to do any harm.

Been in the garden this morning having had a huge fry up for breakfast. (Yes I know, I really am bending all the diet rules). Had a late night last night having been to the last Festival concert with the Czeck National Orchestra (absolutely brilliant) then the festival party afterwards in the Town Hall. Chinese Curried Chicken at 11 at night, although delicious, plays havoc with the digestion, followed by festival cup cakes with all sorts of goodies on the tops - fresh strawberries, smarties, cherries etc. Did have a glass of rose in the concert interval which himself finished off as I can't gulp it down that fast and stay upright! so stuck to Elderflower at the party which I love. Stayed up until 12.30 just to let the meal go down before we went off to bed. Himself took Tilly out for her nocturnal ramble but Berry was just pleased to stay with me. Also had coffee mid morning with choccie biscuits. I can guess what Julie will say about that!

Seeing Rheumy doc on Friday for checks and will mention the painful shin bone and ultra sound scan on Tuesday to see what makes my shoulder tick at the moment. Hope they find what's wrong as steroids don't touch it except for a couple of days. Also this afternoon, ate a peppermint and dislodged a filling in a back molar. That is now two the dentist will have to deal with. Glorious day here today with temps supposed to be 25 tomorrow. Meeting my cousin (who also loves chocolate) off the train at Peterborough - she is staying until Friday. BBQ on tuesday evening with Les Girls and a WI tea on Wednesday evening so not much hope of getting back to the diet this week!

Enjoy the sun whilst it lasts. Rain is forecast here for later in the week!

Love LavendarLady xx (Just tried to upload a photo without success - will have to ask Himself what to do).

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  • How very naughty! We had a full welsh breakfast which of course includes laver bread which is sublime seaweed mixed with a few oats and some viinegar. But it has to go with bacon and eggs of course. But a very good lunch with a friend (although if you unpack it it does seem to look a little indulgent), lemon sole + herb butter and a glass of chablis? Followed by lemon tart...

    I'd better pipe down hadnt I.

    Your festival concert sounds great. We are gearing up for the ediinburgh festival, I tend to go to ground except for a few things. A friend is taking us to Ravi Shankar - there's a bit of a blast from the past isnt it!

    Cathie XX

  • ooh, chocolate spread - that reminds me of tea time snacks after school!

    Cece x

  • what a loverly.. yes loverly..!! blog sounds like a great time x

  • gosh, I'm so hungry now but nothing in my cupboard will live up to Cathies Lemon Tart :)

  • Hi Wiliby. I also have a great recipe for Lemon Tart and a friend gave me her recipe for Ice Box Cake. Absolutely scrumptious. Lots of cream. (Her hubby told me that when she was doing B & B, it was her classic standby for dessert as it can be refrozen). Lavendar

  • if thats an offer of the recipe I'll take it!!!

    also love lemon posset but never got that right :)

  • Hi Wiliby, will post the recipes on a separate blog in the next day or so. Have my cousin staying this week so hoping to get out and about a bit. Weather is gorgeous but so hot and humid. We are never satisfied. Ultrasound done today so will get the results in 5 days time. Lavendar

  • Eee I don't know gals, I have had just the same sort of day, gone from one naughty thing to another... I think it all started with the hot chocolate before I went to bed last night...... yummmy.

    I have just been fairly good for dinner though, had home mae ratatouille followed by melong. oh and I snuck in a creme caramel ... but it was only small so that doesn't count. Mind you I did sneak a very slim slice of lemon drizzle cake and a corner of a fruit cake which I made earlier in the week - to sell! oh dear..... I need a pair of handcuffs....

    Night everyone

    Julie xx

  • You and me both,. LL

  • You have just made me think I'd like a cup of hot chocolate! I went to see Prince in concert last night, and was the best concert I have ever been to, it helped only 15 mins from where I live in grounds of a castle, had a fantastic night, He had a ten peice brass band as a support and they were really good too. Me & hubs were in the pits having a great groove! it rained purple it really did! & I wore a rasverry beret! Hope you get this???

    xxxx Gina. (living life to the full!!!

  • Hi Gina, so glad you had such a great time at the concert. Not a fan of Prince myself but it sounds like a really good evening. Love the idea of the raspberry beret! Lavendar

  • for the older gen... purple rain is the name of a Prince song! I get it gina!!.

    in a couple of weeks I have to chose from a) guns and Roses tribute or b) ac/dc tribute.. fri and sat respectively.. I physically cant do both.. guns and roses I would like but it is fri and I always knacked after work and they have to ge me a chair!! standing event and most expensive!! sat is ac/dc tribute this had tables and settees as well as bar and dancing/ rocking/ headbanging he he !! area xx.

    think it will be ac/dc// as seat and cheaper and my mates will be there x

  • Guns n Roses gets my vote, gosh you like the heavy stuff Alison! ;)

  • like pop/ disco. and some classical too !not keen on rap, punk or garage.. think garage.. should read garbage lol x

  • you've got the look, it must have taken an hour just to make up your get that don't you???lol

  • youve got the look by prince.. yes his make up prob takes longer than mine!.... sweet child..

  • Ummm eerrrr, oh I must be so thick? I can imagine he is absolutely fantastic in concert, there is nothing like live music are you ok after all that bopping??

    Hope you enjoyed the hot chocolate and ummm what is the "get it"? Were you that old lady!! But you're not old enough ;-)

    Julie xxx

  • Just an update - seeing dentist on Wednesday afternoon for what they call a "review" as the receptionist doesn't know what to book me in for until the dentist has seen what needs to be done. He is a lovely man from Poland called Matchek (I think that's near enough how its spelt) and have been going to him for 3 years since my old dentist retired (after 35 years together - a lifetime). So must avoid peppermints and toffees for the time being as it was a toffee which took out the other filling! Think the bits are beginning to fall off now. One of these days, I'll get up and an arm will fall off or a leg! Don't know where the 25 degrees has gone to this morning - it's gray and overcast here. Not even a smidgeon of blue sky. I can hear the call of the chocolate spread jar as well! LavendarLady xx (perhaps I should change that to "no willpower")!

  • I know a polish pharmist maciej.. think is the spelling??, lots of dentists( nhs ones are polish?? prounced as majeek? toffees.. dentist will love you.. that will be couple of filllings thank you £££ v hot on the cotswold type shire county!!

  • Hi Summer, had a good look at my dentist's name badge and it is Maciej. Seeing him again late August for the fillings to be done. He did tell me one tooth which I thought had lost the filling, it is apparently the tooth which has gone not the filling but he reckons he can repair it! LL

  • I;m a status quo fan myself - all that head banging! Lavendar xx

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