Hi Everyone

Hope some of you remember me. I have just been reading some of your blogs and thought I would say hi. The group was so very supportive of me when my Mum who died suddenly at home. Before she died it was her dearest wish for me to move to a bungalow. Mum was concerned how I would keep coping with a large house and garden. Well her wish came true and my house sold quickly and now I live in a lovely two bedroom bungalow. My daughter and I are really happy here and still cant quite believe it. The only thing I miss from the old house is the storage but we are gradually getting sorted. I think a much smaller Christmas tree will be needed this year. Otherwise we will be on the patio for lunch lol. Love to you all. Sharon

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  • Sharon i remember you. Your mum died suddenly didn't she. I am pleased that you have started to settle in ok.I look forward to showing a picture or two of your lovely new bungalow. Sending you some hugs. Love sylvi.xxx

  • Hi Sylvi yes I remember you too. I will try to put some pictures of my new bungalow. At least I will never need a stair lift. Lol

  • Ain't you the lucky one. Pleased for you by the way.xxxx

  • Yes I am lucky Sylvi. I suffered quite a bad flair a few weeks ago just in time for moving but I was fortunate to have some lovely friends and family to help me.

  • I am so pleased for you,not only have you got good friends you have a lovely bungalow to boot. I have a stairlift so thats my problem solved.xx

  • Hi Sylvi glad you have a stairlift. If my house hadnt been so big I would have stayed put too and had one put back in. Mind you I had lived there for 22 years so felt ready for a change.

  • I moved here when i was pregnant with our George. I was 7mths at the time and i waddled all over the place it was so funny i can tell you,but we did have plenty of help. Love sylvi.xx

  • Hi Sharon,

    I don't remember you from before as I was only diagnosed in the early part of this year.

    Sorry about your Mum, she would be pleased that you have found a nice bungalow and are happy.

    We are in SE London in a terraced house and don't have much room for a Christmas tree, I have a tree that you make up with slotting the branches into place, so I cunningly sit it in a corner and don't make the back part up as no one sees it and it takes up less space.

    My daughter has just moved home after being away for 5 years, so we have even less space than last year!!

    Hope you continue to be happy in your new home, good luck with getting all the unpacking and storage sorted.

    All the best

    Mary x

  • Hi Mary nice to hear from you. Its so kind of you to reply with such a lovely message. Great idea about the Christmas Tree I may try that.

    I was diagnosed in 2007 and am doing ok. How are you finding life with RA.

  • I have good days and tired days, am on MTX & Hydroxychloroquine. I am in much less pain than when I was first diagnosed, so I assume the meds are working. My fingers and feet have always been the worst affected and have a painful thumb most of the time. I know I am very lucky compared to many people on here. No side effects from the meds, which I am very thankful for.

    I have found if I get a cold I normally end up with a chest infection, due to the suppressed immune system.

    Hopefully hear more from you soon.

    Mary x

  • Good to hear that you have finally moved to a bungalow, it's my dream to have one eventually, along with a wood, but in the meantime will have to make do with a first floor maisonette. I have a small Christmas Tree and my daughter has one in it's own basket in her bedroom, both would be ideal in a bungalow. Or you could plant a large one in your garden so that both you and your new neighbours could benefit.

  • Thanks for you Christmas tree ideas.

  • hi Sharon, Good to hear from you again. It's incredible how quickly time goes as it doesn't seem that long ago since spring, and here we are getting ready for Xmas. I'm glad things have worked out well for you, and you're finding enjoyment in life. Pollyx

  • hi Polly thanks for your message. Hope life is treating you well.

  • Hi Sharon. Glad you've found some good luck with the new bungalow. My mum died suddenly 3 years ago on Monday (bonfire night) and I know how hard it is to come to terms with. Well done you for making progress. Tilda x

  • Hi Tilda thank you for your kind message. It is always bad to lose your Mum but in my case Mum had spent years in terrible pain so at least she is free from pain at last. Hope you are doing well too.

  • Im pleased you have a nice bungalow nice to here from you x

  • Thanks for your message summer it is good to hear from you again too.

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