Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

Feeling really depressed today. Must be getting older. Birthdays are not the same as they used to be. Been to physio and had my shoulder very gently manipulated. The main trouble seems to be the end of the collar bone. As I see my Rheumy tomorrow I am to suggest to him a steroid injection into the end of the socket of the collar bone (if that makes sense!). And the physio wished me a happy birthday as soon as she saw me in the waiting room. That was a nice gesture. I also have to improve my posture and she has shown me how.

Been in a lot of pain again - mainly my fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders although my last blood test shows my ESR has gone down to 19 so the increased MTX has worked. (Although it makes me feel sick for several days). Taking the Enbrel today so hope that will help as well. Middle finger of right hand is also going over to one side again and it is very painful. I keep having to move it back.

The shoulder makes lying in bed very painful and trying to lie on the left side haws triggered off that shoulder as well. Just can't win.

Came down this morning to find Berry had chewed open the seam at the end of his bedding and pulled out a lot of the stuffing. So had to sew that up yet again. Took Tilly for a little walk yesterday and she managed to slip her collar (saw my neighbour across the road with her male lab) but grabbed her by the scruff (dog not neighbour!) and managed to get her collar back on.

MinnieCat has been very loving these last few days so she is getting over the angst of a new dog in the family.

Had chocolates, a beautiful wooden dish (made from driftwood by our local artist) for my birthday from hubby. Nothing yet from my son or friends but seeing one friend this evening to go out for a meal. Postie has just been so will have a look to see if any cards in the post.

Have been down to Tesco Express and bought myself some jam doughnuts and some custard tarts as can't decide which one to have with my coffee!

Hairdresser this afternoon for an hour so think I will have a rest today.

LavendarLady x (The sun peeped through a minute ago but has gone again - story of my life, LOL).

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Happy birthday, sorry to hear your in pain. Have you thought about putting a pillow round your shoulder to help protect it. When i'm in bed i pull my pillow over my shoulder and pull the sheet up over it as well to keep it warm.

cats are lovely when your down and they seem to know somethings not right don't they.

What are you having done at the hairdressers,something nice i hope.. The sun has been out all morning her in bulkington and it was lovely to be able to go out and not be depressed. I suffer without the sun in winter and i think i will soon have to get my lights out.

Have a lovely birthday and LL you are a lovely lady. XXXXXX



I'm having my hair done this afternoon too, i'll send you good hair vibes, if you send them back ;-)

I'm sorry you are in pain and feeling a bit depressed on your birthday, i have bad shoulders too, and you're right, it's near enough impossible to lay on them, and if you do the pain makes you feel so sick! I was told by the physio (and i find it helps for me), that if you lay on your back but put a pillow under your shoulder/arm it keeps your shoulder in the right position (apparently that is what hurts, as your shoulder is popping out of place when graverty pulls).

Have a lovely rest of your day

Ella xx


Hi both, thank you for your good wishes. Have not tried the pillow but will certainly do so. Thanks. LL


Happy Birthday Lavendar Lady.

Hope you enjoy your trip to the hairdressers.I usually find it quite soothing.

My RA started in my shoulders and I find that when they are painful the only way I can sleep is to use my large V shaped bed pillow.Although it means I have to sleep at an angle it does seem to cushion the pressure points.

Enjoy the rest of your day xx


post us a photo of you with you new hair. hope you had a good time at hairdreesers. xxx



(continuation of Ellas song :D )

Many happy returns of the day Lavendar lady!! Here's hoping this will be a great healing year for you!!

Take care



Happy Birthday.. hope you your hands and shoulders are better soon x


many happy returns LL, hope you enjoyed the hairdressers and your meal out


Happy Birthday and hope you had a lovely time at the hairdressers and enjoying your meal out.

Karen x


Thanks everyone. We went to Nandos last night for a meal who do mainly portuguese food. Really enjoyable and the staff were very friendly and helpful. A large glass of rose each as well. Then back home and the two men arrived just a minute or so after us. So we all sat and had something else alcoholic! I had some white port over ice, the men had whisky and poor Linda had nothing as she was driving!

Seen consultant this morning who has injected the sub something or other which I gather is to do with the collar bone which is causing problems and then I had an x ray done of the shoulder. He also wants me to have another Dexa scan next year as it will be 3 years since the last one by next summer.

Only had my hair put up at the hairdressers but didn't like it by the time I got home, so took it down again and then put it up myself the way I like it!

I usually try not to be in photos as I don't take a good one any more, lol.

You usually only see my back view!

Will stop now as shoulder is painful at the injection site. Cleaner is here sorting the house out. I even had a birthday card from my old housekeeper - lovely of her to remember although I do try to send a card to her on her birthday. It is her son who will be training Berry as a gun dog.

LavendarLady x


Birthday Blessings!!!!!! Make sure you are taking folic acid it REALLY helps with side effects! You are a Can do kid............KEEP IT UP! Live life as full as we can!!!!!!!!!!!


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