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Went to see RA nurse, she has put me on MTX. She was not over nice a bit blunt. Why should you feel worse coming away from hospital than you did going in. Problems with feet and toes she was not interested one bit. Her words we don't do feet. I have not been for 2 years, and now don't want to start meds. and will just suffer at home. She has no idea how hard it is. My husband has MS and every day is a struggle. She said very blunt you have missed 2 years of meds nothing can be done about that. sorry for the rant just find it hard. xx

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  • Sometimes I think, that blunt, is the best way because it tends to sink in lol, when I went to a consultant lol this bloke was blunt, I went into his clinic and call in eventually, and before I even sat down he sai " I'm very sorry but we can't help you and your brain is very damaged and then told me it is Vascular Dementia so I asked to see the scan and he showed me lol and that was that. So really I thought it was best being blunt.

  • I'm sorry to hear this Philip, take care

  • Thank you, you take care also.

  • A few years ago I went to a different practice and the go there said I need to cut back on the alcohol, I said pardon did I hear you right, I'm an alcoholic!!!!!, "when did you last have a drink" I said about 5 years ago, as I get that dreaded nervous giggle I think lmao, she said go for a new blood test with the practice nurse.

    I did this and there was nothing wrong with my blood and she said I am so very sorry and then realised I have fibromyalgia, got there at last. This was because when you have fibromyalgia it effects your white cell count and I know a lot of people who went through the same lol.

  • Some compassion wouldn't be amiss from her,there is probally a very good reason you have been off the meds for so long. You rant away all you like we have all done it darling.xxxxxx

  • What an unhelpful person. Is there another specialist nurse at your hospital so you could ask to change? My one is a very brisk "no time to chat" sort of person, but does what is needed. And yes she doesn't do feet either, but did at least refer me to podiatry where they helped with custom made insoles.

    As for not taking your meds, I can understand that her attitude doesn't help make you feel positive about them. But the only person you are hurting is you - she won't care if you take them or not. These are strong drugs and I do understand that people can be very reluctant to take them. But especially if you are a cater for your husband it is important to stop more damage to your joints.

    But if you really don't want to take drugs have you looked into the alternative options? Or is it just methotrexate? As maybe talk to your GP about whether you could be referred to another rheumy and try one of the other drugs.

  • I Have had this for 20 years and been on many drugs, I am on SULFA, but has stopped doing much. They were going to put me on MTX 2 years ago, but because i had 2 pulmonary embolisms held off. 2 years later i am getting no better so phoned for a appointment. This was the one that she was not very nice, kind of blunt. I like to think treat people like you would like to be treated yourself. It took me so long to phone for a appointment as i really have to push myself. Lost my mum, dad, and 2 aunties in the last few years, and just feel i want to stay at home away from every one apart from my family. So sorry sounds like i am a right nutter. On top of all this i am doing the PIP. xxxx Thanks for the support. xx

  • I agree with helix, the nurse will not care if you take them or not. So that shouldn't come into. It's horrible when people are so unkind & uncaring but us lot on here do care very much,so rant away x

  • Thank you hope you are well. xxxx

  • I agree with you. I have had RA for 3 years and come away feeling so much worse, If they havnt got it they don't know the pain and frightening feeling where it's getting worse and there's no help.x

  • I know its so hard, even my husbands consultant is rude. But his MS nurse is lovely so he gets a bit of support. xx My orthopaedic consultant is also very very nice. Cant have it all. xx Hope your not feeling to bad. xx

  • So sorry to hear that. We always come away feeling deflated. Hubby didn't take the Leflumonide RA specialist prescrbed last time, as when he read the "guff" it said not to take with methotrexate!! All she said was hubby should have ignored that and just taken it. Then she said why aren't you taking the Sulfasalazine too? We said because last Aug you told him to stop taking it when he started injecting Methotrexate!! Of course she said she didn't say that, but we were both there when she did (and neither of us has lost our intelligence or the ability to absorb simple instructions) so it was a bit tense. So now he's restarted the Sulfasalazine and is going downhill rapidly!! We always dread having to see her, she's no people person that's for sure. We are trying to transfer to a more local hospital. Is that an option for you?

  • Sorry to here this, your poor husband. Sulfasalazine has not really helped me, i would love to see a doctor i seen many years ago but he is 2 hrs away. Why are they in this job if they can't be nice to people, its not hard. xxx Big Hug. xx

  • I feel for you. As you can see from my previous posts I've had an awful experience recently with rheumy nurses

  • Your not in the south west are you. Big Hug. You can't say anything or you would be out faster than you went in. xx

  • Ha yes I am x

  • Not yeovil.

  • I had a mixed experience with mtxate but when I was taken off it I really noticed! It needs regular monitoring with blood tests but I'd recommend anyone who can, to persevere. I had a delicate gut taking it but have recently discovered probiotic yoghurt so I take one every morning and that seems to help a lot.

    On the abrupt nurse, I'm sorry to hear that. I wish the medics realised how important these regular appointments are to us. I've been lucky recently, suspect it's a fairly happy and well run department where you can exchange nice chat with the nurses. Not all sadly.

    Don't give up on the Meds they can stop your body deteriorating.

  • Thank you so much, and thanks for the tip, i will try this. xxx

  • Yes time and time again we hear stories about nurses being rude and their isn't any need for it, people are anxious enough going to appointments without nurses or doctors being rude to us, and the feet I always laugh about it because if they aren't working well we can't walk and I think everyone with RA has problems with their feet😤

  • Unfortunately we need them, why are they not nice its not hard. xxxx Thank you. xx

  • And I thought it was just my Rheumatology Dept that treated people like rubbish. Feel you're Just one of many and they don't give a damn. I can empathise with you. It's not good enough. If you look at other dynamic departments in hospitals and compare it is really bad (my experience) in Rheumatology, and yet we are all suffering from a really nasty disease and should be cared about as much as any other patient in any other department in any hospital.

  • We should yes, i felt like crying and really don't want to go back to her, if i get worked up i will end up walking out then thats it. Thanks for your time big hug. xx

  • I feel for you , i had exactly the same experience today no explanation just you need go take meds now i asked lots of questions, all met by a blank stare. I have leaflets to read & time to think i left feeling so thoroughly fed up

  • I am quite shocked at some of the treatment you are all getting from health professionals. Do you all live in the UK? I have been living in France since 2003 and the health pros here are all so understanding and helpful. I have been thinking of returning to UK, but your comments are making me think twice.

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