Ready for a Ra Ra Ra

Can you believe it darlink we went along for costume fitting.

We were late it has to be said but Mavis the costumier was so rude.

When she measured me around my bust she tutted. Tutted well I really can not help that I have enormous bosoms, Equally when measuring the inside leg of the gorgeous one - she clucked obviously short on the inside wasnt as easy for her.

Still we managed and then the fabrics well tacky you would not believe how awful 80% were I want something really sheer and floaty with gorgeous colour coming through - I did wax quite ventricle l at this point but apparently my impressive ones needed something stronger to hold them I ask you what did she mean should i DANCE IN


Next shoes: I wear an eight (she clucked again) The first pair were too tight around the heel my inability to prance around in those was obvious the moment I walked across the room I managed to trip.

I regained my composure as I sat patiently trying on shoes - too tight - too high- too low ooh my bunion! Eventually a pair of somewhat sparkly vivid coloured shoes appeared and thank goodness the were good!

Hair next this part was going to be so easy my darlings (I thought I have very short hair ughher)

now you will have to wait and see extensions - colour - spiky a wig just what they are doing to me. :)

Finished what Oh No not finished accessories that bit was actually fun

Good Done Oh I never said the color of the fabric it went right out of my head never mind it is not long five more practise days and then we are ON !

From Rhythm and Blue thats Gins and you know who darliks!

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  • Oh no I will have to get our costumes sorted think in red sequins xx

  • mine was easy, I'm in a tux for the waltz - I have to be in disguise as a gent. bit worried about having to rip the shirt open for the jazzy dances, but have ordered a chippendale 6 pack body vest :)

  • Love this comment :)))))) x

  • brilliant at least you wont need to shave LOL

  • Oh Gins, I got as far as getting the Spanx on then had to have a lie down - have realised that my costume will have to be one that allows bathroom breaks without the need to remove any clothing! Daughter has suggested a 'she-wee' device but given my often poor grip my aim could be unreliable.... don't want to splash my bobby dazzler footwear. Have considered cutting side seams into the Spanx and using velcro to fix them on and off.... but somewhat concerned that I might 'pop out' of my costume, potentially embarrassing on live tv.

    Toodle pip!

    Cece x

  • Cece you will be going so speedily with your steps

    there will be no time for mishaps or pets

    So dont go a worrying

    Just keep on Hurrying

    The rostrum you end on will not want the wets!

  • Indeed! x

  • I can already see

    You folks are way

    beyond me! ( a minilim)

  • Ah, but I saw you limbering up on the sidelines Loret - and all that practice you've had in 'swanning' around the garden will hold you in good stead!

    Cece x

  • haha, chuckle-out-loud, Cece! Your power of positive thinking is much needed over here!!!

  • I am almost ready to post my first meet and rehearse session, as soon as I can decide what to wear for this first occasion. I mean...Monsieur du Beke! and little ol' me!! I must be sure I am making a favorable impression. Be back later!!

  • so every category means something different well what is the Ra ra ra? Fog has descended and I cannot remember what it should be about. So help please! xgins

  • Cha Cha Cha = RAh RAh RAh

    Cece x

  • Yes Cece is right, it's about RA in general but you could get in a bit of "rise and fall" by way of analogy to the emotional highs and lows of RA for example of other aspects of the steps if you know them, hope that helps.............

    Was also thinking that when you all post your limericks, you could describe your final rehearsal and what you're wearing on the big night. Also how you feel about the first night and your state of readiness for this particular dance, 28 hours to go.............

  • thanks for the pointers I think he fibro fog has been doing its work with my little grey cells :) xgins

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