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Back To Work Date. Mattcass

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Hi All, I had a back to work Interview today and I am being phased back starting this Monday 16th September 2 days the 1st week 3 days the 2nd week 4 days the 3rd week then if everything is alright then back to full time, If not I will retire due to ill-health, I never thought for one minute that I would ever work again all the hard exercise's and walking was well worth it mind you I had my own personal trainer Fran who walked every mile with me. Matt.


11 Replies
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That's great news hope it all goes ok for you x

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mattcass in reply to Neverwell

Hi Neverwell, Thank You, Matt

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Well that's great news. Until you return to full hours You wont know if you can manage it or not. I was working full time 37,5 hours but couldn't cope being on my feet for my 8 hour shift 5 days a week, so I have dropped a day. I was coming home soooo exhausted, but for now Im managing, yes Im still very tired, but I will give it a go a bit longer.

I wish you all the best Hun, Rie x

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mattcass in reply to Riedenise

Hi Rie Thank You, I keep kidding Fran on that I am going back to work for a rest as housework is to hard for me. Matt

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Caza in reply to mattcass

Hi Matt, good luck I hope Monday goes well. You've done so brilliantly x

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haha, bless you. We share all the chores as my husband is Disabled too & is at home, I call him my 'House husband'.

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Good luck Matt for next Mon. Will be keeping everything crossed all goes really well. Xx

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That is great news , Matt! Hope all goes well for you, and Fran. Bless Fran, she's a terrific partner. I imagine she might be really missing you once you are gone back to work. all the best to you both. Loret XXX

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Dear Matt

I hope it goes really well for you. I don't know what your job is, but there may be a compromise point between working full time and retirement. I did part time for a couple of years. That said, retirement is a blast, so don't be afraid of it!

Will think of you next Monday.

Dotty x

great news - hope it goes as smoothly as possible:-}

Cece x

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Brilliant news Matt. Not so sure really that Fran will miss you having You around the house LOL I hope it goes really well for you and make sure you get lots of rest in between. Axx

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