Yay back to work

I have had my occupational health review and the doctor gave me a fit note with the same information.

I return to work on Tuesday. I have a short driving assessment and then a buddy for the rest of my shift.

I am on a phased return. Working 2 days and then one day off. All my medical appointments I will be released.

Feeling really positive.


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  • Great news ☺

  • That's great news 😊😊😊

  • That's great to hear Jacqui - how long have you been off work?

  • Thats really good news for you JacquiThomas999 I am pleased for you.

    I hope it goes well,and works out for you.

    Take care and dont push yourself ease your way back in slowly and surely.

    Fingers crossed.



  • I won't have 4 weeks of phased return. Assessed by boss at the end of each week.

  • Sorry JacquiThomas999 have I read this right?

    You wont have 4 weeks phased return and your boss will assess you?

    If thats right I would be very careful ,as your boss is probably not in any position to gauge your condition.

    Look after yourself and make sure they do,the right things by you.

    Take care.



  • Sorry my fault.

    I have 4 weeks of phased return. Never working more than 2 days together.

    If I feel that I am not coping, I have to tell my operational manager. However, he will check up on me at the end of each week to make sure that everything is okay.

    Everyone has to be careful. I drive a bus, the consequence of getting it wrong could be horrific. If he thinks it necessary, it will be back to occupational health. I have medical appointments every week for the next 9 weeks, and then they should go down. My Rheummy doesn't want to see me for 6 months, although I can make an appointment if I need the team prior to that. Back on 2 monthly MTX bloods and starting (next week because of no 2.5 steroids) to decrease steroids. Also boss is going to have a part order of uniform due to the steroid yo-yo bounce my weight has gone up. Need to buy some cheapish trousers to keep me going until it comes in.

    Only downside is that I go back onto late buses for the first week. At least I get a lie in. Lol


  • Ah that sounds better.

    I was a bit worried for you.Driving public transport is a huge responsibility,and I Realise the consequences can be serious.

    2 days per week (not consecutive) is going to be quite enough for you to start. Sounds like they are looking after you.

    The spare uniform is a bice movevtoo I put on weight when I Started steroids its pretty much unavoidable ,but you can tackle that at a later date.

    Wishing you well for yiur return to the working world.

    Good luck.



  • You should start to lose weight pretty quickly once you reduce the steroids. I know I did. X

  • Hoping that I do. I could do with it.


  • JacquiThomas999

    That's absolutely great news - esp the part where they haven't stuck you on a rigid back to work plan either,but are seeing how you go on a weekly basis,that is the ONLY way things like this should be assessed,not just automatically think that because you've had it easy for a few weeks then you're fit for full time!! Everyone reacts differently,and heals differently too,so to hear that they've been this supportive is fantastic news,and I couldn't be happier for you - well done

    Nicki xx

  • Hope you get on ok xxx

  • Really pleased for you JT999

    It feels like one step back to normal, doesn't it?

    I went back to work end of September and like you, had OH assessment, work station etc and as I have to travel far and wide as a social worker ( don't drive) I have an account where I now get taxis for any meetings/ visits I'm out on. This is done by the local authority I work for and access to work. I also get a taxi in and back from work daily too. This absolutely enables me to continue working and manage my condition so much better.

    I had been doing two days per week on a phased return and this week have just gone up to three days.

    What a difference when people can genuinely understand our challenges and support us appropriately.

    Best of luck with your return.


  • All best wishes Jacqui, take care. Good luck X

  • Brilliant news!

  • Brilliant news!

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