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Getting back to work

Hi folks.

I saw the OH Doctor for work today to see about getting back to work next week.

She was a bit reluctant to allow me to go back but agreed that a slow phased return would be necessary to see how things go. She has been so supportive and thankfully understands the problems encountered with inflammatory arthritis. She will send her report to my employer by end of this week.

I then contacted my employer who couldn't have been more obstructive if they had tried!! I thought they would have been happy that I was trying to get back into work and help with the workload again.

Eventually they agreed that I could start back on 3 days next week for a few hours and then gradually build up the time BUT they would have to discuss that further and couldn't guarantee it.

I feel as though you have to jump through hoops and I thought I was helping them by getting back. So frustrating and so stressful to say the least.

The OH doctor already has issues with how my employers are handling this and I think they may be getting a ticking off in her letter. I am so glad I have her fighting my corner as I will likely be getting a change of Biologic soon and obviously don't know what's going to happen with that.

I worry all the time that they will try the capability option to get rid of me.  So much stress.....I need to win the lottery!! 😂

Sorry for the rant folks.

Seeing the consultant tomorrow too x

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Once step forward...... Good luck and remember to rest up in between and get organised before! 


Thanks Allanah.

Yes, realising now that rest is so important and also learning how to politely say No to people when they are all wanting your time!


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Good luck Sanbanan, employers can be a real pain.  I can see how difficult it is for them, but it's so much more difficult for us, so I don't forgive them.     Sounds like you've got a good OH, fighting your corner.   I'm waiting to win the lottery too :)



Quite a thought going back after being off 3 & half months 😕

Little steps....

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HI.  Sorry you are having such a hard time.  I can relate to that as work are making difficulties for me as I try to get back after a very long absence.  Take all the support that you can get, as stress will not help your return.  Best of luck

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Good luck and do take things easy. Really pleased your OH Dr is supportive.

My advice is to think of yourself. You are the most important person for you and your family. Do listen to OH and take their advice. 

May sound negative but work wise a lot of us are just a number.

I have just returned after 3 months off. Had 2 weeks phased return. Struggling with parking and no one really bothered to ask how things are going.

I only work 22 hours and thought I will be fine. It is a shock how tiring this has been.

Look after yourself and good luck. X


Thanks Moomie 

I intend to just do what I can and not push myself xx


Hello. Sorry about your employers. I believe one of the replies said that we are all but a number. Sad but true. Hubby hasn't been able to work since Xmas. No-one has been in touch to see how he is. Not even a computer generated letter to explain the sickness process. We had to ring HR to see how long his SSP lasts for and what happens about his job. Ah well.such is life. Good luck with your return to work xx


Thanks Sue.

That's awful that nobody has been in touch regarding your husband. What does it take for them to make a simple phone call?

I know it must be a bit of a nightmare for employers sometimes juggling workloads when staff are off but I feel we are sometimes simply lumped in with certain other employees who definitely have nothing wrong with them. It's so frustrating and if the employers could just get a taste for even a day of this disease then they may appreciate what we live with.

It's pretty bad management to not be in touch with your husband.

I do hope things improve for him (& you).

Hope you have a nice weekend x

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