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Back to Work Medical Mattcass

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I have been informed by my employers that I have to for a medical before my back to work interview, has anyone out there been through a medical and how severe is it, Any help and advice will be gratefully accepted. Mattcass

11 Replies
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Hi MattCass I had to have a return to work medical It was seven years ago but after the medical it was decided I would be better taking early retirement , and going on Incapacity Benefit . At the time I was suffering badly with pain in my spine, shoulder and feet. it has taken 6 years and a shoulder resurface to find the right level of medication but now I feel I am in position to enjoy my retirement


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mattcass in reply to PB1950

Hi Paul Thank You, if I don't have a RA attack then I should be ok I have visions of me turning up in splints and crutches,

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Hi Mattcass, I'm afraid I haven't been through one of these but just want to wish you luck and will be sending lots of positive vibes and prayers for a good result. Let us know how you get on. xx

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Thank you, As I said to Ronnie I might head to Hollywood there's got to be work for an Oscar Winner,Matt

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I have seen Occupational Health doctors several times, and have always found them very supportive and understanding. I only once had a physical examination, and that wasn't very detailed/thorough, but did highlight some problems in my neck which I had been disregarding. Other than that it was very much an interview about the impact of my disease on my life at home and at work, and with some recommendations to my employer about things they could/should do to make it possible for me to continue in work. I'm not entirely sure that was the outcome my employer was hoping for. When they re-referred me OH were even more supportive!

Employers have a responsibility under the Equality Act, and one thing that OH do seems to be to point that out to them. I'm sure you'll be fine.

All the best,

Dotty x

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mattcass in reply to Dotty7

Hi Dotty Thank You, I have worked it out in a way everyone is happy just got to sell it to them. Matt

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I've commissioned many assessments for my own staff but never had one myself. Not knowing what you do work wise it's difficult to advise what form the assessment might take but at the very least it will be a discussion of your condition, medication and outlook,how you feel, what you think you'll find difficult about returning to work and any apprehensions you make have about this. This will lead onto a discussion about what is termed "reasonable adjustments" your employer could make to facilitate a successful return to work (assuming that's a realistic proposition for you and the company) If it isn't then I'd imagine the discussion may move on to explore the option of medical retirement but this depends on your sickness policy and pension rules if you're in a scheme

It sounds like this is the first time you'll have seen Occupation Health about your absence so don't worry, there won't be a hidden agenda, it's fact finding pure and simple so try and relax and not stress about it, just be honest with them and they will reciprocate I'm sure

I wish you the best of luck xx

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mattcass in reply to Ronnie63

If it does not work out Hollywood here I come there got to be work for an Oscar Winner. Matt

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Ronnie63 in reply to mattcass

Exactly, a nice positive attitude, a sign of a real star!! X

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Hi mattcass

I have had 2 occasions where I have needed a return to work meeting with OH. The first led to a referral with Access to Work. They then met me at my place of work and assessed my work area, parking, route to my office, stairs, lifts etc and then made recommendations to my employer. This meeting was v helpful and as a result I have an adapted PC, chair, mouse and keyboard that were specifically recommended for me and my limitations.

As Dotty has said earlier OH will reinforce the fact that you will be covered by the Equality Act and your employer has a duty if care to you.

I do remember I was v nervous before my first OH meeting. I had just started MTX and was feeling exhausted. However, I found OH to be informative, kind, helpful, sympathetic and genuinely working in my best interests.

I hope the meeting goes well for you - good luck.

Rowan x

When I was working I had two medicals completed by OH, each time they asked simple questions regarding what you can or cannot do at home, ie. cook a meal, showering, dressing etc. Apparently they equate this to your working life. They then go on to ask you what you do at work, if you drive your car where do you park it. If you have not already been given a disabled parking space at your place of work they will arrange that you are given one. They will arrange for you to be paid at all your medical appointments relating to your illness, so if you have to take time out to have blood tests and it takes 2 hours out of your working day then your employer still pays you. It does not come out of any sick leave that you have incurred, this is separate. If you need to go back to work on a part time basis for a specific number of weeks then again this will be recorded and you receive full pay from your employers.

As others have said it's to your good and advantage, but do tell them of both your bad and good days so they can get a full picture. As to the equality act I was deemed incapable of work but was told that I could not have 'ill health retirement' as I might improve my disease. So not all of these doctors recognise your illness, and it has to do with their pension system as well. Good Luck and let us know how you progressed. xxx

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