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Back To Work, mattcass

Hi All, please accept my apologises for not being in touch ( I was running the half marathon in the Great North Run ) Naw only Joking my laptop is broken and is in the repair shop till Friday I hope, Well the first two days back was very hard I was trying to hard in front of people and tried to be as normal as one could be, When we all climbed the stairs at the same time you could feel their eyes on me and then talking to me to see if I was out of breadth believe me I was and when we got to the 1st Level it felt like I had climbed Ben Nevis ( that’s next year with Tony, Dall05 ) It was great to see my pair of herons still there in fact got a great snap of the two off then in the same frame that’s unusual as they start fighting when they get close, I am working three days next week,fri. And four the next, Fran did remind me that I am 3 stone overweight and when that goes there will be no stopping me. Keep well, Matt,Fran

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Good luck! Hope retun goes well


Ah, I thought I saw you running across the Tyne Bridge in storm force winds on Sunday - must have been your doppelganger!

Just take working life and flights of stairs a day at a time:-}

Cece x


Hi Matt, hope it gets better, like Cece day at a time.

Take care & don't over do it with those stairs...l! Xx

P.S. Herons are quite scary close up...there's one near where I live and I give it a very wide berth!!


Hi Matt, Hope all continues to be better every day.

Can you take your camera to work and take a pic of the herons? On lunch break, of course :) Good luck, Loretxxx


Hi Loret thank you If You go onto my Facebook, matt strachan from edinburgh you can see several Herons if you don't have a access let me know and i will arrange some for you.Matt


Thanks, Matt, I can do that :)


Hi Loret there is a set of three pics i caught the Herron just taking off i was 90 meters away and got the three photos in two seconds using my camera in burst mode with a full 24 zoom the way the wingspan shows the feathers in full flight is excellent i have made up 20/30 sets for friends and families to put on their walls.Matt


Fantastic!! Can't wait to go see them. Today is a full day here on this site. Have a blog to write for Tilda, re: a report I just received from the Arthritis Foundation, researching a connection between Inflamation and depression. Fascinating theory!

Also want to post the limericks I wrote over the weekend, and had problem posting, till I manually depleted my previos post that kept popping up!

Then I need to send my latest info column to the local newspaper, via email to the editor by tomorrow, for publication next Weds.

:) Psycologically, must get my mind ready for Cataract surgery next Weds.

Plus, need to start thinking of Strickly.. Not really sure what Ronnie is expecting, ie how to post something for a dance .??? But now, must get to work on the Domestic Goddess duties here!!

Thanks for the great pix! Loretxx


Hi loret, You are very welcome.Matt


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