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well over 24 hrs now

got up this morning a we bit stiff to say the least posibly through going swimming a bit when everyone was saying rest

so the impatent john whent to leigh shopping a pain in the bum walking on bad knee and ankle.

and had a walk round the block this morning

its funny when ya walking waiting for the twinges and pain to kick in but it was not that bad today seemed a bit better of the jab.

rumi said two weeks see how ya go with this.

i hate this spondyloarthpathy enthsitis with a vengance.

im sure i could do better with a wooden leg and a parot ha ha shipmates

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Hi John, it sounds like things are settling then. I must admit I didn't take it easy after my jab either as I didn't know I was supposed to. I went swimming almost immediately after lol. I think things felt less painful after a day or so too and I got relief for approx 6-8 weeks. Since starting methotrexate I've never suffered the pain I felt pre diagnosis so I hope you will have the same luck. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that you'll soon be able to get back out on the bike :-)


pauly was yours the same jab kenoulogue

if it was not for the ligaments in me ankle i would feel a lot better.

wonder what those sulpur tablets are like have you tried these at all

fingers are still red when i press them white then back to red like instantly


I know it was a steroid so I assume so John. I've not had sulfa as I went straight onto methotrexate. Maybe the ankle will improve given time. My feet are nowhere near as painful as they used to be although I did invest in good supportive footwear. I assume you don't wear high heels though lol


well im not wearing high heals yet but ya never know

but earlier on i was pecking and scratching in the garden so at first i though it waas bird flu lol

this morning i did half a mile walk was waiting for the ankle to get realy sore and thought i might not make it back if it does but i was ok just weard ankle ache.

hits me more at night and in morning now so im going to cut down on the fags see if that helps any. the red patches on the knuckles are still a bit inflamed so i cant make out if this is working or not.

but the knees last night on resting them where red hot to the touch and he said i would feel hot so their must be somthing in it

think injection last about 6 weeks and it feels like in the last 2 days my system has been having a fight with the injection.


any how ive also got an appointment at salford uni to let the podiatry look into my gate analasis and footwear insoles see if their is anything i can get to track things better cheaper than main podiatrist and they are supervised so i will be an unusual case.

been that long since april now i dont know what the norm of my body was walking.

but the doc told me its a bit like having flu for 3 weeks then trying to walk

supose he is right i cn remember having flu as a kid then how ya mussles felt when you started walking again.

regards john


John, if you have spondyloarthritis, then too much rest is absolutely the worst thing! You need to be doing regular stretching (download the guides from the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society website) to keep up a good range of movement, and regular exercise - especially low impact exercises like swimming, and walking, or pilates and yoga (but avoid any of the exercises that hurt). Morning stiffness is a huge part of this disorder, but if you just start slowly each day and gradually loosen yourself up then low impact exercise is the best thing you can do for yourself. Sitting or standing (or even lying in bed) too long just make things a whole lot worse with spondy, unlike some of the other problems where rest actually helps. My dad used to start every day with a long walk (up to an hour) and that really helped keep him going the rest of the day and keep up his level of fitness and minimise disability.


what ive noticed is get up in morning shake myself about a bit have a walk not overdoing it

then have a bit of breakfast sort of gets me body going a bit.

but im still finding if i tighten bolts up on the bike me wrist feels like i could sprain it if that makes sence.

and these nodules on me fingers press them to white then let go and poof the red flows back in as fast as anything it like having high blood pressure but ive not.

the worst part about walking is the left knee that feels like me ankles ligaments are going and me knees last night where mad hot dont know if that was the kenaloge injection or not.

but up to now this thing seems to be beating the injection. now the guy told me this spondyloartpathy entheishis goes for ligament attachment at the start of the bone

now at one time i could not get up the stairs without the crutch now i can do it but its still weird feeling in me knees.

hope this makes sence cos its weird


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