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yesterday was a big day out for me

whent with me mate to staffordshire bike show got up at 7 am out for 8pm

dropped me paracetomol cos ive been full of a cold and a sore throat more flem in me than a pola bear

took mee boots to walk in just in case but kept me easy walking boots on which are a bit nasty me wife says but they are comfortoble.

strapped them up tight on me ankles when got their i was worried realy cos i didnt think i would make it round all day.

well i started of good not giving in to this little thing even if i does try to take me out was good to sit down outside for dinner though i was ready for it me mate stiffen up when hew stops i am the opposite sore then eases off when i sit for a bit thet done off and round again

by the time it got to 3 pm the old ankle and leg where realy giving me jip i was doing more leaning on the old stick and ready for home

when i got home at night i thought me feet and knees where on fire BUT HEY I GOT ROUND AND AM PAYING A BIT FOR IT TODAY EVERYWHERE ACHES.

Wonder when im going to get me phisio.

if anything i hate these little like sores on me fingers im going to video these things and put them on youtube to share ive got grip but these little devils do my head in feel like cutting into them sometimes get the blood out and get someone to analyse the dam stuff whats in it? wants you have pushed ya self through the day they realy come on press them and you can see the inflamation going in their fast back You wonder why this thing atttacks normaly good looking hands and im wondering if thats whats under me knees to


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Glad you had a good day out we all need that every so often even though we may pay for it for the nxt few days take it easy 2day.



thank cris


So glad you had a great day, you're paying for it, but hey! You did it!

'more flem in me than a pola bear'!!! that's a new one on me!

All the best,



thought you would like that on feather

or as cold as a polabears widget


I'll bear that in mind next time I meet a polar bear and stand well back..... Cracking cheese Gromit, well done for not giving in. Polly


oh i do like a bit of Gorgonzola cheese!!!! helix

but it gives me gas


Hi Minka

I'm glad you had a good day out. It sounds like a long old day which is quite and achievement and I'm not surprised you are feeling it now. Keep yourself dosed up with painkillers and treasure the memory of a great challenge beaten. x


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