well its my birthday today

62 today how time passes by this year has been *.* hope it gets better soon

whent in the garage this morning put the carbs back on the bike that i cleaned didnt like a couple of the jets on it but thought o well lets see

fired the bike running perfect now.

am i good or am i good took me a week to do something i would have done in a couple of days but hey thats the order of this little thing. that stool i have helped a lot i knew it would come in handy

one thing though took me mind of me problems but its when ya stop the pain kicks in more

but im please and wife said im glad your pottering about in their

and me card this morning had a 20 quid halfords voucher in it so going to get 2012 tt video i didnt get to sob sob.

this is john reporting fo NRA cold, fed up, going out for dinner and feeling rather damp in the old knees and feet.

anyone got a saw !!!!!

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  • Just checked out your photo and that bike looks awesome.

    Happy birthday I hope you can leave the pain behind somewhere


  • thanks cathie i hope you are feeling a bit better

    sulfasine my bike for some sulfasine

    richard the 3rd cathie said that on boswel battle LOL

  • Happy Birthday John and may this year be a better one for you. Like the bike.



  • Happy Birthday John! Hope you have a lovely day and get to enjoy the bike soon! Tracy :)


  • Happy Birthday John. Same age as you so hopefully this year will be better for us both.

    All the best to you and your bikes


  • thanks carolyn

    their is a bit of snow on tha roof for both of us but it dosnt me the fire has gone out love

    am paying today and have to go out for a meal tonight

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY take it easy and try to enjoy and make the most of it


  • did me best lizz

  • Happy birthday John hope you have a good one and don't over do it if you are having a good day as it will come back and bite you in your rear end. Enjoy being 26!!! xxxx

  • Happy birthday to you John - you're only 12 years and four days older than me and as I'm a youngster that just makes you a teen! Xxxx

  • that explains everything tilda so your a capricorn eh

    many thanks

  • many thanks my little scouser freind

  • Happy Birthday

    Mary x

  • thanks mary

  • Happy Birthday John, Hope you enjoy your meal, Lots of Love Shirley Xx

  • many thanks shirl

  • Happy Birthday keep on biking x

  • hope so next year summer i realy hope so

    if i can get to the isle of man gp next year and do the mountain mile i will be over the moon

    i couldnt get this damaged if i had fell of at windy corner

  • all the best ,, john .. enjoy watching the TT ...

  • thanks andy paying today realy having a bit of an ache and flair day

    made me self get up mate

  • Happy birthday, here's hoping that this time next year you'll be writing about all the races you've been to see for real....Pollyx

  • hope so helix

  • A late Happy Birthday, and I hope it was a good one!

    Ally x

  • its never to late ally many thanks paying today

  • it's a bit late but happy birthday for yesterday :)

  • belated happy birthday!


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