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Hi everyone, just had a lovely week with my cousin who came to stay with us which she does every year. She lost her husband 4 years ago following a bungled operation and has come down every year since to stay with us for a while. We met her off the train at Peterborough. We spent the week visiting various places in Norfolk, meeting up with friends and generally having a good time. She is very fond of our animals so much so she has decided to get a Burmese Cat for company (we have Burmese called Minnie which is now 12 1/2 years old). She loves that cat to bits!

Went on line and found all the details of breeders in her area and also rehoming and rescue for Burmese. Yes they do get abandoned sometimes or lost or their family dies and they need a new home. She has sold her apartment in Spain and got a good price for it which saves her having to go out 3/4 times a year. She was finding that a bit heavy going now that her husband is no longer around and she is getting older (aren't we all?). Once she has got all that sorted out, it will be time to look for a cat.

Saw her off at Peterborough yesterday - we were both a bit weepy and my husband thought we were daft! Did overdo it a bit last week. We had spent the Wednesday morning out and about and I did quite a bit of walking (without my stick as I had left it in hubby's car!) and in the afternoon we had to come home as I just could not carry on any longer as in a lot of pain and very stiff. Amazing what a couple of nurofen and paracetemol and rest will achieve and I had had my MTX injection that morning as well so why that didn't help I don't know. Anyway Thursday a lot better and went to Old Hunstanton, and Heacham Lavendar and had lunch at Old Hunstanton overlooking the sea - beautiful day too and very hot. The lavendar fields were in full bloom (everything is late this year) and they have only just started harvesting of the lavendar and oil). Our own lavendar hedge is covered in bees and butterflies. Cousin had also gone down with a nasty cold and spent most of Thursday night coughing so had to abandon plans to go to Ely Cathedral on the Friday to meet up with a friend and cousin stayed in bed a bit longer and had a rest. Well enough to go out to friends that evening for supper having dosed herself up in the meantime.

Quiet day Saturday apart from shopping and a BBQ at friends Sunday afternoon - weather again fantastic.

Our son has been away this last week having taken grand daughter and the rest of her cub troop camping at Gilwell Park in London driving the mini bus all the way. Grand daughter very excited about the whole week. Daughter in law took grand son to Drayton Manor over the weekend for a Thomas the Tank Engine weekend so he didn't feel left out. He thoroughly enjoyed it being a keen Thomas fan!

Having a lazy morning as not feeling too well when I woke up. Still in dressing gown! Intend to get out in the garden later with the garden vac to clean up all the dead leaves. Weather here is gorgeous, clear blue sky and sunshine. Supposed to get hotter as the week wears on. Not too much on this week - meetings tomorrow, hair set on Thursday - had my nails done last week with a lovely fuschia pinki colour. Bank Holiday weekend looming and we are helping out on the MacMillan stall on Sunday. Just had a letter from my foot surgeon - I have to see him again on the 10th October so hope he will fit me in pretty quickly to have the postponed operation done. Also a letter from the eye clinic for a check up in early September following the laser treatment I had in July which has cleared all the cloudiness. Had to have a new glasses prescription - I only need them really for reading and using the computer as my long sight is brilliant again. Just got to ring the dentist now for my check up and all bases then covered!

Hope everyone is enjoying our late summer and not feeling too tired and ill with this wretched disease. When oh when will they find a cure? Love LavendarLady x

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Hiya LL, I always love your posts. And what a lovely family you have too! With moving away to live in England I know all to well that feeling of a mad week, fitting in as much as you can with the family and that hear wrenching train leaving time too.

I also had a bit of a rubbish flare last week, Rheumy thinks it's only the steroids helping at the moment but I,in my self , felt the Humira was working a bit so gonna hang on a bit longer.

My daughter came back from London yesterday, she was at her friends 16 th birthday and today we r packing to go to Leeds festival tomorrow. Busy busy but then I can chill for the boring winter!! Oh and she and her lovely friend, well we all knew it was more than that are now , as they say in Facebook, in a relationship!! He is a really nice young lad, oh how they grow up, too quick.

My lavender is still small, it doesn't seem to like my garden but plums do!! I am gonna have a bucketload in a couple of weeks.

So lovely to hear your lovely catch up , I am glad your yes r improving, my iritis hasn't shown itself since I got steroids so Thats a benefit! I see the foot surgeon end of September for these metal splints which I am dreading but better than an op I suppose!

So have a good week, will let u know what it is like to steward at a festival for oxfam and attitude is everything next week!

Love Axx


Thanks Alannah. Hope all is now better. I had to come off Humira as came out in a rash but put onto Enbrel which seems to work ok. How did the festivals go? Hope you were ok afterwards and didn't suffer any problems. Hope your daughter and her lovely friend are getting on in their relationship - you are right - they grow up so fast. My grand daughter is only 8 (going on 38) but seems very mature for her age - much more than I was at the same age! The years go past so fast I can't believe where they go! LL x


Lovely post LL,i was in Ely last monday. Went to take a photo of the cathredal and fell over. Glad you had a lovely time with your cousin.Ah Heacham and Hunstanton i remember many a holiday spent there and the lavender fields are lovely and the smell is something else. We have a fair bit of lavender in the garden and it too is covered in bees and the smell especially after the rain is wonderful. I hope your feeling okish.xxxx


Hi Sylvi, meant to reply earlier, but not been well this last 10 days. My cousin left something behind - her cold which I now have and feel pretty rotten and aching all over. I would have loved to have met up with you at Ely but that was the day we went to Peterborough to meet her off the train. Next time, let me know if you are coming down, and we can arrange to meet up. LL x


I will do LL,would love to meet you,but on the tuesday we came home early due to fall and it still isn't right,even now.There was so much bruising and it has still not come out completely. Hope you soon feel better.xxxxx


Lovely.. can you put up a pic of the lavender fields x


Unfortunately Alison I didn't take any photos but my cousin did so will try to get her to send me one which I can upload. The fields did look stunning and the scent was amazing. Loads of bees and butterflies as well. Hope you are keeping well and your dad too. LL x


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