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I'm on Rituximab and wondering if it is safe to be around people that have been given live jabs?

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The reason I ask is that my little grand daughter has to get a live nasal flu injection tomorrow and I know if we are on Rituximab we are not allowed live jabs and I'm sure I read somewhere that if you are on it to stay away from anyone that's been given the live injection for two weeks but that may just be for cancer patients on rituximab. I would be grateful if anyone knows the answer to this before tomorrow afternoon when she is due to get it. It wouldn't be ideal if that is the case as I look after her 3 days a week and with Christmas next week but I wouldn't forgive myself if she didn't get it and got flu.

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This is the statement from NRAS which explains the position regarding live flu vaccines. If you've had your vaccine more than 2 weeks ago you should be fine. If not it merely says you should be a bit cautious, be alert to symptoms and go to GP if this happens.


I imagine the advice for other live vaccines would be similar.

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Thanks Helixhelix for sending the link. I've had my flu jab but bit concerned because of the biologic drug. x

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I was told last year when I enquired about my son receiving it that as long as I had mine 2 weeks before it shouldn’t be a problem.

Unfortunately this year due to us both having colds we ended up having them on the same day. So was just cautious. As my son is nine now I knew he would be sensible and not sneeze over me so wasn’t too worried.

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PS I’m also on rituximab.

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Thank you for your reply. That is reassuring to know. x

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The parentes should read the package insert before they let her have that vaccine. It is not safe.

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Hi . I asked my GP about this and she recommended my little one had the normal flu jab instead . My daughter was ever so pleased 😁

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