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Busy weekend with Ofsted Inspection next week


So much for a relaxing weekend to rest up ready for next weeks teaching. Just had a really busy week where I did extra teaching (including an external full cost training event at the hospital that I ran) even though Im struggling with my right knee, left foot, and left hand. Then on Thursday we received notice of our Ofsted Inspection this week.

So now spending the weekend making sure all my paperwork is squeaky clean, all my E-ILPs are fully documented and my lesson plans all show my planning etc so no time to go swimming or do anything to help reduce my flared joints :-(

But on a positive I have an excuse to stay indoors where it is warm and have had a nice manicure and pedicure off my daughter (trainee nail tecnician).

Hope you are all staying warm and relatively pain free this weekend.

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Good luck with the inspection x

Poor you - I hope it goes well xx

Wishing you good luck with the inspection. I know what you're going through as do many others. We had ours 5th December. I returned to work after 7 weeks off when we received a call at midday to say they would be in at 830 next morning. The team were lovely though. knock 'em dead!! xx

Thanks for the suppirt. In a weird way I am glad its now so it us not continually hanging over us. Maybe stress levels at work will reduce if we can do well this week.

One good thing is I have an amazing group of students this year - best group ever so this mskes me feel more relaxed than during last inspection. Plus im teaching mibile it devices so whst teenager cannot b motivated when I bribg in the ipad , androud tablets and encourage them to use their smartphones etc to access social media !!!

I hoope it goes well for you with the inspection. You will be fine.xxx

I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I would imagine having motivated students to teach is half the battle. Gd luck for tomorrow. Hope your joints are feeling less tender.

Wendy x

Good luck, and tomorrow night you can chilled xxx

Good luck, as a fellow teacher I know how stressful it is. 6 years ago we had them with us for a week!! We are due another one soon. Sometimes the wait is worse than the reality! Hope it goes well and that you manage to relax and take care of yourself afterwards, stress has a nasty habit of hurting a few days down the line with our condition xx

Got caught twice at last inspection but so far so good. I only work mon to wed but they r in all week. Oh and surprise surprise 2 of our team r off due to snow and mistery illness leaving just me and one other tutor covering.

Oh well, only 2 more days to worry about.

Gd luck on ur inspection when they arrive :-)

Thank you. Glad u survived today. I was thinking about you...... It's nearly Wednesday ! x

My working week is now over and I am so relived as my right hand has flared so badly that I am typing this with left hand only as cant move my right one. I tried to write in my diary but I cant even hold a pen at the moment. My throat has also swollen up badly so looks like I will spend next few days recovering in bed/house.

Boss told me yesterday that she was trying to get the inspectors to come into my class (I know this shows great trust in my ability, but it made for an even more stressful day/night yesterday, and all for nothing as the inspectors did not come to my campus till after I had finished.

So now its a waiting game to see what feedback and results we get as to whether the work stress levels can now reduce. Fingers crossed for this outcome.

Off to bed with hot water bottle and more pain killers. Thanks for all your support.

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