Bloody weather

Bloody weather

I was really enjoying the summer with its great weather and that wonderful heat. But now that the schools are back so is the cold and the rain.

Even thinking of turning the central heating back on. Either that or stay in bed, oh wait, I am in Bed. Lol.

I take my MTX at supper time on a Friday night and sleep most of the nausea away, and the long lie on a Saturday also helps. But not even going to attempt going out in this weather.

Bring back the heat wave.

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  • Love the photo, and great to hear from you. I too am lazing in bed! Due to flare though, boo! But I have to be well by next Wednesday as I am camping at the last big music festival of the summer. You can feel the nights drawing in but I love the summer too much to let it go !! Enjoy the lazzzzeeee morning Axx

  • It is showery here in the midlands today. Love the photo you put up. I too like the warmth,sadly i can't have it too hot these

  • Here in Orkney we experience about four different weathers a day usually so I've learnt never to rely much on good weather.

    Today I woke to strong winds and grey sky, then it rained all morning, and now at last the sun is out and all is bonnie again - but it is sort of autumnal.

    My body is starting to feel a bit autumnal now too as I've had to come off MTX. It feels like a waiting game on all fronts now but I've still got plenty of weird hot fizz to keep me warm anyhow. Love the pic!


  • Lovely pic its overcast here but not raining or cold x

  • Yes what a gorgeous picture. I take my MTX on a Friday too. I guess maybe its time to take my gazebo down until next summer. Overcast and windy here in Nottinghamshire.x

  • Yes beautiful pic....wish I was in that field right warm, peaceful & relaxing that picture is making me feel.

    Rubbish weather here too (Surrey)....sitting in my reading chair with a nice cuppa tea & slice of cake watching the wind and the rain in the garden. xx

  • The pic is beautiful..did that cloud just happen by like that?

    Hang in there for the weather girls, over here across the pond the weather has been cold, very low temps at night and early morn, but starting today, the predictions are the Jet Stream is straightening and allowing warmer air all next week to above normal temps.

    So, in a few days you will be treated to warmer, maybe even hot, summer days. Of Course the kids go back to school on 8-22. Fortunately, in a new school that is air-conditioned

    Are any of you familiar with elderberries? I was gifted with two boxes of the little dears, and took 3 days to process to the final product, Elderberry Jam. Finished that last night, 8 little jars of deep purple, Yummy spread for my toasted English Muffin this morning.

    In keeping with the topic of RA, I will tell you, my "endurance meds" allowed me to do all this work, but still, my feet felt like a horse had stood on them! Ohmygosh, they hurt, burned, searing, penetrating pain, going up into the calves. Why did I do this? I must maintain my reputation of being a Domestic Goddess! Everyone knows I do these things. Like canning peaches and making Apple Butter and canning it, all for pleasantries during the miseries of Winter :)

    I am very puzzled by the new format here on HU. When I got online earlier, I instantly got a series of conversations that was 6 days old!! Would have gladly added to it, I believe it was Tilly talking about her MRI and degenrative discs, and another about the correction of the cervical spine with metal plates and screws and in my case, a few twisties also:) Maybe I don't know the protocol for using the site. I usually follow the ones listed in email, and they are not the most current one! Can someone tell me how to be more involved with your current discussions?


  • Hi Loret

    Intrigued by apple butter, never heard of it before, elderberries yum!

    To get to the current discussion press the icon that looks like a house (next to questions), you can then click on questions and posts as normal and they're in chronological order and contain multiple pages if you miss a few days

    We're supposed to have nice weather tomorrow here in London but have to say I've caved in and booked holiday number 3 for this year, going in 5 weeks time, hurrah!!

    Maybe get some horseshoes for your next instalment of the Domestic Goddess, if you carry on, we'll have to nickname you Nigella!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend

    Ronnie xx

  • Thanks Ronnie, will do that.

    Re: Apple Butter: if you make or buy applesauce, you have the beginning. Put a quart or more in your crockpot, add1/2 cup of sugar and a tablespoon of cinnamon, it's Ok, you really don't have to measure any of it. Stir it up, turn the crockpot on high till it gets to boiling, then turn it on low, put the lid on and let it simmer atleast 12 hours, overnight, stirring occasionally. It will smell like apple pie! As it simmers it will begin to darken, when it gets almost as dark brown as the cinnamon, and is very thick, you have apple butter! It might take some more hours on the second day to get dark and thick.

    Top off your Biscuits, Scones, English Muffins, or just a plain slice of toasted bread. With a bit of imagination, it is also fantastic on a dip of Vanilla icecream!

    It's fab, but try to avoid eating it with a spoon, it's addictive!

    Just put it in a container with a lid and keep in the refrigerator. Have fun with it. :)

  • RA killed me at the cold Easter this year so booked a week in Spain for next year. If I could afford to go away for winter I would and retire. Got next summer organised, just have to get out of Scotland for a wee while every year, but staying here for the free prescriptions.

  • Seriously lloret, struggling myself! But I go into my communities, NRAs then posts as they seem to be in order, but in the replies the older ones are at the top. I can't seem to get used to the newsfeed at all! Too old!

  • The forecast for next week going into the Bank Holiday weekend is good so it isn't over yet. XXX

  • Oh yes! Leeds festival weekend here we come lol!

  • Enjoy!!!!!!

  • Think I will take the wellies anyway!!

  • Am I the only one to have had problems in the heat? feeling so much better now its cooler,I really love the sun,but the RA does not! Have been able to do some knitting & crochet in the last few days,seems to help the flexibility,must admit I hate the shorter days, & the evening are really pulling in here in deepest darkest Essex! :(

  • I love the heat and the sun, joints feel great, ever bob about in a pool does wonders. My pall is in laindon hills basildon and when we video chat I love seeing how dark it is there and show her the light Scottish nights.

    As for lorann, Apple butter is an American treat, I love it when I am over there, but always bought it, now I know how to make it, thanks.

  • I would love to visit Scotland,we have a grandaughter at uni in Glasgow,(she's doing earth sciences) & has been on some of the Islands,& the photos are amazing! I love where I live,right in the countryside, & we're so lucky to have lots of great (level) walking which seems to help the RA,

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